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The YouTube Shopping feature is a game-changer for creators, business owners, and viewers. With this new feature, viewers no longer need to leave your videos to shop your merch or check out a featured product.

YouTube wants to keep viewers on the platform for as long as possible. So, this exciting tool allows eligible creators to showcase products directly within their content. This means that viewers can shop while still on the platform or even while watching your video! Here’s how you can use this new feature to your benefit:

To become eligible for this feature, you need to either have an Official Artist Channel or be a part of the YouTube Partner Program. Creators in the eligible countries who are a part of the new expanded YPP can also use this feature. 

Along with this you also need to ensure that your channel isn’t Made for Kids and hasn’t received any Community Guideline Strikes.

  • Connect Your Store to YouTube

Getting started with YouTube Shopping is a breeze. Simply head over to YouTube Studio and click on “Earn”, then select “Shopping”. Under “Add products from your Shop” click on “Connect Shop”. 

To kickstart this feature, you need to “Connect” your online store to your channel through supported platforms or retailers outside of YouTube. These supported platforms include Shopify, Spreadshop, Spring, Cafe24 (South Korea), and Suzuri (Japan). 

  • Store Tab

Once you connect your shopping platform to YouTube, a “Store” tab will appear on your channel. This tab provides your audience with a space to explore and shop within YouTube itself.

Image Credit: Nick Nimmin YouTube Channel

Under this Shopping feature, YouTube also gives you the option to Display Products on your channel either through-

  • Auto-selection–  which automatically features products from your online store on the Store Tab. 
  • Customize– or you also have the freedom to “Customize” where you can select specific products that you want to highlight on your channel, giving you full control over the merch displayed.

Image Credit: Take One Tech…with Alec

  • Tag Your Products 

You can also tag specific products featured in your videos and Shorts through direct tagging. With this feature, you can actively highlight specific products from your store either beside or below your video. This way viewers get the chance to check the products out without interrupting their viewing experience! 

You can tag products in your video during the Upload process, just head over to “Video elements” and click on “Add” beside the Tag products option.

If you want to add tags to your Previous Videos, go to YouTube Studio- Content- Select the video you want- Video details- and click on Products.

When you do this, an overlay of tagged products will pop up right beside your video for those watching on desktop.  For mobile users, you’ll find it just below the comment section or in the description.

Image Credit: PewDiePie

  • Tagging Products From Other Brands

YouTube Shopping isn’t limited to featuring products from your own store. If you’re eligible, you can also tag and promote products from other brands. This opens the doors for new exciting ways to make money through brand deals and collaborations.

  • Tag & Pin Products In Livestreams

Live streams are a fantastic way for you to engage with your audience in real time. And thanks to YouTube Shopping, you can kick it up a notch. You can now tag and pin products in your live streams, creating an interactive shopping experience for your audience. Viewers can simply tap the Shop icon and learn about the featured products without leaving the live stream.

To Tag Products in Livestream:

  1. Head over to the Live Control Room and pick either Stream or Manage.
  2. Right below the Livestream Preview, you’ll spot the shopping tab. Click on the “+” icon and select the product you want to tag. Note that you can tag up to 30 products. 

To Pin Products in Livestream:

You can also put the spotlight on one specific product by pinning it on your stream. Just select the item and hit “Pin product”. That product will then exclusively appear on-screen during your live stream. 

  • Product Shelf

Another cool news is that once you have linked your store to your channel, your products will appear in the “Product Shelf”.  This product shelf will automatically appear under all of your videos where you haven’t tagged specific products. 

Again, you have the option to create your own selection and choose which products you want to display. All you have to do is Go to Earn- Shopping- and Create Own Selection. This way you can effortlessly promote your products to new visitors on your channel

Image Credit: Take One Tech…with Alec

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