Starting a YouTube channel can feel like an uphill battle, especially when progress seems slow and your hard work isn’t bringing enough views, likes, or subscribers. Many creators find themselves wondering if there’s a shortcut to kickstart their channel’s growth. The idea of buying views, likes, and subscribers might cross your mind as a quick fix to boost your channel’s visibility and appeal, but is it a viable option?

And before you ask, no, it’s not illegal to buy YouTube metrics like these! This practice has become a common shortcut for channels seeking a quick boost in their platform metrics. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the pros and cons of purchasing subscribers, views and likes.


Let’s start with the top benefits:

  1. Enhanced Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful motivator on social media platforms, something that new YouTubers often struggle with. Videos with higher view counts or more likes are perceived as more valuable or entertaining. Therefore, having these metrics can help new YouTubers attract more viewers while building momentum for organic growth.


  1. Improved YouTube Algorithm Ranking

YouTube’s algorithm favours videos with high engagement (views, likes, comments) while evaluating the hierarchy of content. By boosting these metrics, your content may temporarily benefit from increased exposure to a wider audience. However, it can be beneficial only if it appears natural and not artificially inflated.


  1. Attract Brand Deals and Sponsorships

Higher subscriber counts and engagement rates can make your channel more attractive to brands looking for influencers to promote their products or services. A channel with a larger audience base may get better earning opportunities through partnerships.


Risks of Buying YouTube Views, Likes, and Subscribers

  1. Violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service

Buying engagement metrics directly contradicts YouTube’s policies. This action can lead to penalties, including the removal of bought views, demonetization, or even channel suspension. This is why it’s important to trust a Google Partner company such as Flintzy in driving real-targeted views. To avoid this, make sure the provider you choose offers high-quality views, likes, or subscribers. You can learn how to identify websites selling fake views here:


  1. Low-Quality Engagement

Often, the views and likes purchased come from bots or non-engaged viewers, especially when you order from unreliable and low-quality vendors. This results in low engagement rates, as these viewers will not contribute to meaningful interactions such as comments or shares, which are vital for organic growth and algorithm favorability. 


  1. Damage to Reputation

If audiences or brands discover that a channel has inflated its metrics artificially, the creator’s credibility can suffer. This is why it is so important to order high-quality views, subs, or likes from reliable vendors who can fulfil the order gradually to make it look more like natural growth. 


  1. Impact on Monetization

Fake subscribers can lower your overall engagement metrics, which might impact your ad revenue and partnerships. YouTube’s monetization relies on genuine viewer interactions, and artificial growth can make your metrics appear suspicious. Additionally, brands may use tools to identify fake engagement and eventually blacklist your channel.


  1. Long-Term Sustainability

Artificial metrics do not contribute to sustainable channel growth unless you’re also producing high-quality content, optimizing SEO, and engaging genuinely with your audience. Shortcuts can provide a temporary boost, but lasting success requires consistent effort and authenticity.


When Should You Consider Buying YouTube Views, Likes, or Subscribers?

  1. Launching a New Channel

Starting from scratch can be challenging, as standing out when there is just so much content available is nearly impossible. Purchasing an initial set of views or likes can give your videos a superficial boost while making them more attractive to organic viewers by suggesting that your content.


  1. Before a Major Campaign or Release

If you’re planning a significant launch or campaign, having a higher number of views or subscribers beforehand can create a perception of popularity and credibility. This can be particularly useful in attracting attention from potential viewers and sponsors who are more likely to engage with channels that have landed on certain milestones. 


  1. Part of a Broader Plan

While not the sole strategy for channel growth, purchasing YouTube views, likes, or subscribers can be a valuable component of a broader growth plan. It’s important to understand that this method is a supplement, not a replacement, for creating engaging and appealing content, optimizing SEO, and implementing other organic growth strategies.


While buying YouTube metrics can offer short-term benefits, the long-term risks often outweigh them. Focusing on creating high-quality content and engaging with your audience is the most sustainable way to grow your channel. Avoid shortcuts that can harm your channel’s reputation and future success. Remember, genuine engagement and authentic content are the keys to building a successful and enduring YouTube channel.

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