Hottest video trends in 2020

In the 2010s, we saw a big shift in media consumption with the widespread adoption of social media platforms across the world. Going into the 2020s we predict the media trends are all going to be about immersive, interactive video experiences. Here is our take on hottest video trends as we kick off the new decade: 


Video going 360

There is a large amount of video content being uploaded every second, making it difficult for YouTube creators to capture the viewer’s attention. The recent breakthrough in 360-degree video content lets viewers immerse themselves in the content and gives them control over their perspective. Viewers want to indulge in 360 content in various categories: 60% sports and travel, 55% live entertainment, 39% movies, 30% TV shows. With 360 videos still as a new feature on youtube, it presents a huge opportunity for YouTube creators to adopt it early and leverage this immersive video format to get to their audience.


Live Video Campaigns 

Live streaming is growing popularity across all social media channels. It is especially really powerful when combined with influencer marketing. When the audience’s favorite influencer – artist, celebrity, musician, athlete streams a live campaign, the quality of the content is more authentic and unique, captivating the audience in real-time. The interactive feature of live streaming also makes the viewers feel more connected with the influencer thereby getting closer to the YouTube channel. 


Virtual reality 

Virtual reality videos are still a new concept for many people. According to Statista, virtual and augmented reality have a global economic impact of 19.7 billion dollars in 2019. With a high adoption rate around the world, the impact is estimated to reach 29.5 billion dollars by 2020.  Going into the new decade, virtual reality is expected to more accessible and cheaper for everyone

The advent of virtual reality has been a game-changer for YouTube creators. It is high tech, out of The Matrix, fully immersive and highly interactive mode of communication. When video content is combined with virtual reality, it allows YouTube creators to pose their content in a controlled environment right in front of their audience’s eyes. It allows the audience not just to see and consume the content, but also experience and interacts with it. It has become a dynamic tool commercially too, with over 75% of Fortune 100 companies already including VR as a part of their communication strategy.


SEO friendly videos

YouTube creators have been doing a lot to make sure their videos are searchable – from keyword targeting to uploading transcripts and closed captions. With Artificial Intelligence becoming a crux of everything tech, it is making video content more searchable than ever. It’s possible to track down any video on the web now with the help of voice recognition, AI can transcribe the audio tracks of the video content making the video easily searchable.  

When video content is embedded with immersive and interactive experiences, it gives the viewers an opportunity to engage like never before.  It’s important for YouTube creators to be aligned with these new media trends and tech disruptions in order to take the first-mover advantage. 

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