Frequently Asked Questions

Flintzy is a powerful and effective YouTube promotion platform that helps you reach the right audience for your YouTube video.

We focus on getting as many viewers as possible to watch your video! Through our team's marketing knowledge of over a decade - we've successfully helped 10,000+ YouTube creators to date.

Google video Ads certified professional are individuals who have passed multiple assessments that assess their product expertise. It also means that these individuals are qualified to help you grow your business on the web using Google video Ads.

Once you start a Flintzy campaign, your video is pushed through YouTube's official ads platform and/or through a premium distribution network of online publishers.

It typically takes 48 - 72 hours for results to reflect and our system optimises your campaign to deliver the views as soon as possible. It is important to note that the campaign duration is only a timeline within which you can expect full delivery. It does not mean your video will be promoted every day until the end of your campaign duration.

Our main goal is to increase your viewership by displaying your video to the best audience possible. Since your video is seen by real people - it is completely left up to them to subscribe, like or comment after watching your video.

Although most of our YouTube campaigns experience some form of engagement there's also a possibility of receiving dislikes, negative comments, or the viewer leaving without doing anything.

Important: please be careful of companies that promise you a fixed number of subscribers/likes/comments - these can either be inactive / fake accounts OR people incentivised to execute a particular action - that has no healthy impact on your channel.

Your YouTube campaign is created within 24 hours of submission. But it can typically take up to 48 - 72 hours to reflect updates.

Most campaigns will experience similar or lower watch time/audience retention than their channel's existing average. This is completely normal!

With Flintzy, our goal is to help you find subscribers with the idea that they will revisit your channel and watch your new and existing videos. This in turn will help your channel generate more views and therefore more watch time (in addition to high retention views).

Yes. However, we recommend you target a global audience to really maximise your reach.

Start your YouTube promo here: flintzy.com

Please email support@flintzy.com. if you have any questions. Our Customer Delight team will respond to you within 12 hours.

Yes, it is. We promote your video(s) to real people and do not influence adsense approval. However, we recommend that you switch off monetization when your Flintzy campaign is LIVE.

Based on historical data, the range of views displayed while choosing your budget, refers to the average number of views our clients receive from a Flintzy promotion. This depends upon the content, length and category of the video.

Channel promotion FAQs

Channel promotion is a weekly or monthly subscription that ensures a particular set of your recently uploaded YouTube videos are promoted. It provides continuous powerful exposure to your channel.

Our advanced system optimises your channel promotion to achieve results as soon as possible. Thus, you can expect results to be delivered within 5 - 7 days.

You can cancel your subscription any time. Go to 'Manage Subscription' and click on 'Cancel' OR email support@flintzy.com.

Channel promotion works BETTER because fans get to discover more of your content and have a deeper connection with you. This leads to higher virality, stronger organic growth and maximum YouTube exposure (more subscribers, likes and engagement via social sharing).

No. Please note that once a payment is made, your videos are immediately pushed through our powerful distribution and budget fully utilised. You can reach out to support@flintzy.com to cancel any subsequent payments.

Our advanced systems immediately promote the latest set of videos as per the subscription and at the time of the subscription payment. Thus, your newly released video will be promoted in the subsequent subscription plan only.