Discover 3 Camera Angles That Will Make You Look Your Best In Your YouTube Videos

Some camera angles can make you look absolutely great and reflect your positive enthusiasm. However, some can angles make you look like you’ve just jumped off your bed after a long night’s slumber. If you’re struggling to replicate your best look on screen, we’ll let you in on a not-so-secret solution that most YouTubers follow religiously. It’s all in the way you position your camera angles. We’ll share three tips with you to make sure you look stunning in your videos. 

1. Angle your camera slightly above eye level

Use a tripod to position your camera above your eye level or slightly over your head if necessary. Tilt your camera a bit downward to make your body look flattering. This angle makes your jaw and neck look more accentuated. If you don’t have a tripod, place a stool above a table and position your camera from a higher angle. Make sure your camera is not positioned too high up, or you could énd up looking funny. 

YouTuber Amber Sholl tells her viewers the perks of taking videos from the top – it does a fantabulous job of flaunting your highlighter 

Video credit: Amber Scholl (YouTube)

2. Angle your camera straight at eye level

Position your camera flat at your eye level. This angle makes you look more realistic and natural. For the best effect, look straight into the camera while you speak. It can make viewers feel like you’re speaking directly to them, and seem more personal. 

Kylie Jenner shoots a vlog segment at eye level in this video. She uses the mirror as a prop to guide her. 

Video credit: Kylie Jenner (YouTube)

3. Angle your camera below eye level

Squat down on the floor and align your camera below your midsection. Experiment with different angles lying down or sitting up until you find a position you’re comfortable with. This angle captures your entire body length and makes you look powerful and strong. However, don’t position your camera too much below your body, it could look unflattering. 

In this video of YouTuber Superwoman, notice how the photographer is sitting down and tilting the camera slightly upwards. 

Video credit: Lilly Singh Vlogs (YouTube)

High, straight or low level, all of these camera angles are super useful in perfecting your shot. Find out the angles that accentuate your features best and stick to them like superglue. 

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