Why Every YouTuber Must Participate In Vlogmas

It’s almost Christmas and Vlogmas videos are blowing up YouTube! If you’re wondering what this new terminology is, Vlogmas is a holiday event where YouTubers post Christmas related content every day from December 1st all the way until December 24th. From food vloggers pitching in plum cake recipes to beauty vloggers creating holiday themed make-up tutorials, the options for creating Christmas themed content are soaring high. 

These vloggers are not participating in Vlogmas just for the fun of it. Vlogmas can help you dramatically grow your YouTube channel in a super short time span. Here are the top 6 reasons why every YouTuber must participate in Vlogmas.

1. Increase your channel visibility

More videos mean more exposure, likes, comments and subscribers. If your videos do well, this is a great opportunity to double your channel’s growth in less than a month. 

2. Get new sponsors

Vlogmas give you the perfect opportunity to score more sponsors. You can branch out your videos and create more Christmas related product reviews, brand placements and brand mentions. This attracts potential new brands to your YouTube channel.

3. Hike your YouTube income

Advertisers are fighting over prime advertising spots during the holiday season. This means advertisers are willing to pay more to place their advertisements in your video. In turn, YouTubers earn more revenue from these ads. Tis’ the season to make more money!

4. Get on the trending list

Vlogmas videos are trending during the Christmas season. The YouTube algorithm pushes videos that are based on trending content so you have more chances of ranking better on search engines. 

5. Go crazy in this trial and error period

This is the perfect time to experiment with different content styles. Test which video your audience responds well to and make similar videos in the future. 

6. Challenge yourself

Creating videos on the daily is hard. Vlogmas prepares you to work on your time management skills, meet deadlines and be more creative in general. You achieve a great sense of accomplishment once you complete the Vlogmas challenge.

We certainly think that you must give Vlogmas a shot this Christmas. It’s a highly rewarding experience, worth every bit of the hard work you put into it! 

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