How To Grow Your YouTube Channel At Networking Events

Networking events are invaluable to grow your YouTube channel. You get to meet brand executives, key decision-makers and other YouTube creators at these events. It’s a great place to form new collaborations and opportunities. Here are six ways to leverage these networking events and stand out. 

1. Have an elevator pitch ready 

If you want to pitch to sponsors, brands and collaborate with other YouTubers, you might not have a lot of time handy to grab their attention. To get the conversation going, draft an elevator pitch that sums up what your channel is about. An elevator pitch is a short 30 second brief about what your YouTube channel is about. Include key points about your experience as a YouTuber, your channel’s audience base, success rate and goals. 

2. Prepare a list of questions

Many networking events also curate industry-specific workshops and exclusive talks by keynote speakers. Make a list of questions you want answers to, so that you can directly approach industry leaders and other creators, and be a part of the discussion. Being proactive and showing interest in other people’s work will get you noticed. 

3. Pre-book meetings for the event 

Head over to the networking event’s website to check out the speakers and delegates attending. Reach out to them or representatives from their company on LinkedIn. If the event has a Facebook event page, you can also access the list of people attending the event here. Since many people have busy schedules and might only be available to attend the event for a limited duration, try scheduling short 10 minute meetings with them well before the event.

4. Join the pre-event hashtag buzz

Find out what the event’s official hashtag is and run a search on social media. Join the conversation and promotions around the hashtag to increase your visibility. This is also a great way to engage with fans and be a part of the pre-event buzz. Promote the event on your own social media handles to let people know that you’re going. 

5. Find innovative ways to stand out

In this digital age, be one of the first to move away from conventional norms. Instead of handing out paper business cards that people might just stash in their wallet and forget, switch to digital QR codes. Link the QR code to your YouTube channel, print it out and stick it to your jacket instead of a name tag. Use an interesting caption like “scan me to find out who I am” to go with your QR code. Innovation and creativity will get you noticed and put you ahead of competitors. 

6. Pin custom made badges 

If the networking event is open to brand executives, make sure that people know you’re open for collaborations. You can create custom made badges that say “looking to collaborate” and pin them on to your jacket. This will make it easier for brands to find you amidst the chaos and approach you. 

Networking events are a fantastic place to get constructive feedback, bounce off new ideas and share success stories that help each other grow. Make sure you keep on the lookout for creator meetups and attend as many as possible. You never know who you’ll meet next!

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