8 Strategic Playlist Ideas To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Playlists are a great way to boost your YouTube channel’s reach, visibility and growth. You can categorise your video into a plethora of playlists including challenges, hacks, tips vlogs and daily routines. Pretty much every video you create can be boxed and sorted into a playlist. However, there are some playlists famous YouTubers use to strategically gain the most traction on their channels. To get you started, here are 8 must-know playlist ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

1. Festive themes

Seasonal trends are always top of the chart during the festive season. Create exclusive playlists for every season so that viewers find it easy to navigate through the clutter and find what they’re looking for fast. 

Rclbeauty101 created a playlist for different Halloween costume DIYs. From sexy vampire makeup to Mario Brothers costume, she pops in multiple tutorials people can keep coming back to watch during the Hallowen season.  

2. Personal favourites

Create a compilation of all your favourite YouTube videos in one playlist. If you have any YouTubers or brands you’re looking to collaborate with, add their videos in this list. Creators will appreciate that you’re showing interest in their work and this might open up new opportunities for you in the long run. 

Michelle Phan adds plenty of anime in her “favourites” list. She went on to collaborate with the Black Moon Clan in the Sailor Moon anime for a makeup tutorial video.

3. Exclusive series

Shoot a series of consecutive episodes like seasonal shows, reality television or short films. The “story” element will get people hooked and they’ll come back for more in no time. 

James Charles created a series called “Brother and Sister” where he brought in his brother to talk about their personal life and share stories.  

4. Fan favourites

Compile your best performing videos into a playlist. These videos are going to perform even better when they’re clubbed together as they already have a high view count and watch time. 

Nigahiga created a playlist called “Fan Favourites” and threw in his best videos into the mix. He scored extra brownie points for naming his playlist “Fan Favourites” and making his viewers feel inclusive. 

5. Show reel 

If you’ve collaborated with any YouTubers, created exclusive content for brands or been featured in any other channel, this is the place to gloat in your glory. Your playlist should make it easy for other brands to find you and creators to know that you’re open for collaborations. 

Travel vlogger Jay Alvarrez was invited to shoot a project for Dubai. He documents his journey in his playlist and makes it clear that he’s great at what he does on a professional level. 

6. Best of the year

Highlight the best videos of a particular year together. This makes it super easy to filter videos based on the year in case they forget the video’s name. Trending keywords like top videos 2020 or best music performances in 2020 work wonders in search engine results. 

Entertainment channel Cut produces plenty of videos in a year. They created a playlist called “Best of 2019” to help viewers cut through the clutter and sum up their most prized creations.

7. Days of the week

You can choose to further narrow down your playlist based on days of the week. Your fans can link your videos to a specific day and look forward to them well in advance. This way, your videos reach a very targeted audience 

Adrienne Finch created a playlist called “Tech Tip Tuesday” exclusively for her tech fans. 

8. Feature videos from all channels

If you have multiple YouTube channels, this is a great way to cross-promote other videos on your playlist. Especially if your YouTube channel is a group act and you want to shine the spotlight on your solo act.

The Eh Bee Family is a family of four. They have separate YouTube channels for their individual members Mama Bee, Mr. Bee and Miss Bee.

There are plenty more innovative ways to position your playlist and grow your YouTube channel. We have only touched the tip of the iceberg to get you going. Whenever you come across an interesting playlist, just add it to your idea box and put your own spin to it!

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