5 Top Strategies To Make The Best Of The YouTube Community Tab

The YouTube Community Tab is the perfect place to interact with your fans and keep them engaged between your video schedule. This fun feature lets you post everything from polls, stories, short vlogs, news, images, announcements, animated GIFs and more. 

You can access the Community Tab once your channel hits 1000 subscribers. Your Subscribers will receive your community posts on their feed and when they hit the Community Tab option on your channel.

There are umpteen ways you can play around with features on the Community Tab. But we are going to share the 5 most efficient strategies YouTubers are using to make the best of the Community Tab.

1. Maintain the buzz post publishing a video

You want to find ways to keep the conversation going long after your video. Bring up interesting topics you talked about in your video and initiate an engaging discussion with your viewers. Buzzfeed posts catchy snippets from their older content and transforms them into conversation starters on the Community Tab. 

2. Let your audience take the center stage

Give your subscribers the chance to shape your future videos and make them feel more inclusive. Ask them to caption your next video, or give them multiple predetermined video captions they can choose from. On Michelle Phan’s Community Tab, she asks viewers what genre they would like her to explore in her next video, supplemented with an image that suggests she’s looking to tap into a “suspense/horror” genre.

3. Keep your subscribers in the loop

If you’re going off the grid or taking longer than expected to publish your video, community posts are a great way to let people know what you’re up to behind the scenes. Whether you’re on a vacation, working on a new video or taking a break, just post an update. Yellow Brick Cinema posts a summary of her weekly schedule and tops it off with a strong call to action that drives viewers to her upcoming launches and videos. 

4. Create exciting games to entertain your audience

Get your subscribers to participate in fun contests, guessing games and creative activities. This is a great way to help subscribers recall your older videos. Wolfblood, a British-German television series, posts images from their previous episodes and encourages fans to guess which episode the scene is from on their YouTube Community Tab.

5. Post generic opinion polls

Rather than always promoting your content, you can opt to just ask viewers for their opinions on a generic topic without any ulterior agenda. Yellow Brick Cinema posts intriguing polls on topics related to her channel which publishes relaxing music. Her polls shed light on underrated topics that people don’t generally bring up.

The key to making an impact on the YouTube community page is to pique your audience’s interest. Post a balanced blend of sneak peeks, trailers, snippets, memes and shoutouts to rally your community. You’ll soon start to see your channel’s engagement rate peak!

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