4 Mistakes You Should Never Make While Promoting Your Channel On Social Media

While trying to grow your YouTube channel, you might resort to promoting your channel on other platforms such as Facebook, TikTok or Instagram. This can be a great way to lead a newer audience to your channel. But certain mistakes might backfire your plan. So here are 4 mistakes you should never make while promoting your YouTube channel.

1. Not Defining Your Target Audience

It’s not possible to make content for everyone. Not having a target audience is like shooting an arrow in the dark. If you try to promote your channel to everyone, chances are that your posts might not even reach the audience who might be interested in your channel. This results in low engagement and clicks. Define your channel’s niche and the kind of audience you want to attract. Create your content to appeal to this audience for higher engagement and better results.

2. Not Engaging With Your Followers

An important metric in social media marketing is engagement. However, a lot of creators just post their content on these platforms and let destiny take its course. The platform’s algorithm might not always be in your favour, so look at the comments you receive, especially in the first 24 hours, and make an active effort to respond to them asap. This increases engagement on the posts which then prompts the platform to show your posts to more users.

3. Not Watching The Analytics

What’s the point of promoting yourself on different platforms if you’re not checking out the results of these promotions? When it comes to social media marketing, analytics is everything! Analytics shows how effective your promotions are, so you can tweak them or make changes in the future.

4. Reposting The Same Content Across Different Platforms

Every social media platform has a diverse set of audience that may not completely overlap with each other. For example, platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok have a much younger audience than Twitter or Facebook. So you can’t just repost the same content on all of these.

While Facebook and Twitter posts might not require any visual components, you need to create specific content with images or videos while promoting your channel on platforms like Instagram.

If you’re doing any of these mistakes, stop right now! While there might not be one definite way to promote your channel, these mistakes can take your channel’s growth in the wrong direction. 

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