Know This About Video Production To Make It Big On YouTube

Producing a video for YouTube can take a lot of effort, time and resources. While you might not have the best camera, microphone or computer to edit, you can still improve your video production by following some simple tips. These tips will surely help you gain more views and make it big as a YouTuber.

1.Have A Plan
Producing a video without a plan or a script is a terrible idea. Not only will you waste time during the recording thinking about what to do next, but you might also even lose track of what you meant to say, or forget your initial course of action. Always take some time to create a simple plan before you start recording. Even if you’re streaming live, have a simple agenda on what the stream is about, so your viewers know what to expect.

2. Achieve The Ideal Set And Lighting

If you’re filming indoors mostly, you can dedicate a spot in your home for your video production. Here, try to incorporate all the decorative elements, recording equipment, lighting, etc. in the optimal way that will look good in your videos. For outdoor shoots, notice the direction of sunlight and how the brightness, shadow etc. to figure out the right direction to face while recording.

3. Capture B- Rolls

B-rolls are clips that give an additional perspective to your videos. They can be little clips that may show the subject from a different angle or other things happening in the background. They are a great way to cover faulty cuts in your original clip while continuing the narrative of the video. B-rolls of your subject or surroundings can be captured even after your recording is complete.

4. Always Do A Sound Check

No matter how perfect your video is visually, it can fail to please the viewer if the sound quality is bad. Make sure that your voice is captured clearly, without any noises or disturbances in the background. In fact, one of your first investments should be towards excellent audio recording equipment.



5. Don’t Go Overboard On Editing

Gone are the days of effects and transitions. Viewers today prefer clean cuts that don’t distract from the intention of the video. Try to keep simple cuts and minimal transitions that add to your narrative and make your video more sophisticated. Too many effects can make your video look tacky and cluttered.

Take your video production to the next level by following these tips. While you might not get the perfect video right away, practice these and work on them to see a significant difference in your videos. 

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