5 Trending YouTube Viral Challenges In 2021

There’s always a new trend on YouTube. For creators who are looking for video ideas, hopping onto these trends can be a great way to make quick videos. Here are some trending challenges on YouTube in 2021.

1. Try not to laugh challenge

The ‘Try not to laugh’ challenge has been going on for several years, yet it continues to trend even in 2021. As the name suggests, the challenge is to not laugh while watching something funny or with someone trying to make you laugh. This challenge has created some unusually hilarious content, with creators trying their best not to laugh, but eventually breaking down at the silliest thing.

2. Show me a photo of __ challenge

This trend, which first started on Instagram stories, is trending among several lifestyle content creators this year. In this one, the creator uses IG stories to ask their followers what they’d like to see a picture of. The respective questions and photos are then compiled together in an interesting ‘Show me a photo of’ challenge video. Questions typically are about vacations, childhood, teen years, a particular date, etc.

3. Cooking without a recipe challenge

Popularised by the Try Guys, this challenge is for amateur cooks who attempt to cook something from scratch without a recipe. These videos usually show some absurd ingredient combos, innovative ideas, and a lot of cooking fails.

4. ‘Last to __ wins’ challenge

This endurance-style challenge begins with people attempting, with people dropping out one by one, leaving one winner at the end. Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, popularised this trend on his channel with massive cash prizes for the winners. Some challenges here can include ‘last to leave the swimming pool’, ‘last to leave a circle’, ‘last to leave the house’, etc.

5. Home Olympics

With the pandemic putting the Olympics on hold last year, a lot of YouTubers resorted to home Olympics. Creators brought in their friends and family to play simple, yet challenging games using items you might find around the house. Games can include individual challenges like the cotton ball challenge, straw challenge, and bursting a watermelon using rubber bands.

There are so many challenges that trend every month, but the ones mentioned above are the perfect way to get started with challenge videos. These challenges not only make for great content but are also an amazing way to bond with your friends and family.

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