YouTube Tags: The Ultimate Guide To Get Organic Views

720,000 hours worth of content is posted on YouTube everyday. Naturally, not every video gets recognition but using the relevant YouTube hashtags increases your organic views substantially.

Using appropriate tags in your YouTube videos helps improve the SEO of your video i.e. increase the ranking of your video when someone searches something that pertains to your content.

These tags give the user a brief idea about the context of your video. Furthermore, tags help the YouTube algorithm understand the genre and the category your video falls under. The reach of your content will be enhanced as it will be associated with other videos of the same category.

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Sorting the keywords is as important as keyword research. Divide your generated tags into primary and secondary tags. Primary tags being the most important and secondary as backups as relatively less relevant.

Ensure that you do not go overboard with the tags. While they are useful in improving SEO of the videos, using too many tags may alleviate their effect. Ideally, using 30-40 tags does the job.

Apart from your generated keywords, use the keywords your competitors or other famous creators use to increase their reach.

Another way of increasing the organic views of your videos is by using keywords that are broader and cover more ground in terms of types of videos. For instance, if the title of your video is ‘Best eye makeup ideas’, your primary keyword can be ‘makeup’.

Learn the basics on how to increase organic views by using YouTube tags.


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