The Ultimate Guide to Promoting YouTube Channel on Tumblr

Tumblr is a multimedia platform where you can post pictures, videos, texts, files of any format, and has no limit to writing blogs. 

According to research, as of February 2021, Tumblr hosts 518.7 million blogs on its website. It is home to more than 32 million bloggers in the US alone. 

Creators are using Tumblr to promote their art, blogs, channels, and other social media accounts. The amount of traffic on Tumblr is daily increasing. Tumblr is the path leading to more people and promoting your content. It is a great platform to reach teens and young adults.

  1. Find your interests

After setting up your account, find your interests through the “recommended for you section” on the explore page, or you could also search for topics that interest you. 

  1. Making your blog attractive

Attractive blogs attract more followers to your page. Make your blog more personalized and unique by using themes. 

As shown in the tutorial above, go to Settings-Blogs-Edit appearance-website theme-edit theme-browse themes. Tumblr pages can be customized using free and premium themes. 

You can also customize your own using HTML.

customize            customize

  1. Post often 

Engaging with your audience develops your connection with them. You can do this by posting more often.

Tumblr is best known for its visual posting (photos and videos). But you can also express yourself using texts, quotes, link posts, chat/dialogue posts, and audio posts. Whether you’re using it to promote your channel or simply enjoy posting on social media, post more often. Frequently updating your blog increases interaction and you get an active feed.

Remember that the size limit for Tumblr is 1000MB and your videos shouldn’t exceed 5 minutes.

  1. Reblogging

Reblogging on Tumblr is similar to retweeting on Twitter. When you re-blog, you share other users’ content on your Tumblr page. This exposes their content to your followers. You can reblog posts that you are interested in. Or topics that are not related to your YouTube content, posts that your followers may be interested in.


To receive re-blogs, post something intriguing or comment on trending topics.

This will help other users become aware of your content and expand your network. The more followers share your content, the more new users visit your page.

  1. Add notes and follow

Notes are the number of likes, reblogs and replies a post has received.

On Tumblr, Notes are the link to connecting with people. Liking, commenting and following people on social media helps with networking. The more people you interact and connect with, the more you spread your work.


Add notes on posts that interest you and follow creators with similar interests. This will expand your Tumblr community and establish your presence on social media. You can find people to follow on your dashboard or through the explore page.

  1. Write something

There is a separate section for you to write along with your post. Write something related to your post. Express your thoughts and views to start a conversation with users. Share your journey through a story. 

Write something

  1. Use tags

Tags or hashtags are also used on Tumblr. They make your post more discoverable and reach more people.

Use appropriate keywords to find popular and relevant tags for your post. This will help you get more reblogs.

Tumblr has a separate section for adding tags. Tagged posts perform significantly better than untagged posts.


  1. Use other media

Link your other socials on your blog. Tumblr allows you to have your posts automatically shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags added to Instagram posts will appear as tags in Tumblr posts. This way, you can add promotional images posted elsewhere on Tumblr. Using Tumblr with other media will prove to be beneficial for your channel.

Other media


Using Tumblr might be challenging at first. But you’ll quickly get the hang of it. Here, you can reach your target audience quickly by personally engaging with them. Tumblr is an advancing social media platform and a great way to expand your social outreach. 

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