5 Awesome Tools to Analyze YouTube Traffic

Understanding your channel’s traffic is the key to mastering YouTube. Knowing your audience, which parts of your content they enjoyed the most, where they wandered, and how they found your channel, will help you improve their experience and grow your channel. 

However, choosing the ideal reporting tool that meets all these needs can be challenging. So, here are 5 Awesome Tools to help you narrow down your search and Analyze your YouTube Traffic:


Let’s start with YouTube’s inbuilt Analytics tool. YouTube Analytics is arguably the best tool creators can use to analyze their traffic growth on YouTube.

  • Best Features:

YouTube analytics comes with a bunch of helpful metrics. You can see your video Watch-time, View-Duration, Traffic Sources- which platform your viewers are coming from, Lost Subscribers, Click Through Rates, and more.

  1. VIDIQ

If you’re new to the YouTube game, VidIQ is highly recommended to help you climb the ladder.

  • Best Features:

– VidIQ’s Audit tool serves as your personal YouTube Consultant

– The Competitors tool gives you access to your competitor’s analytics.

– Trend alerts and the Most viewed tools give you access to what’s trending on YouTube.

– Compare views allows you to compare your video view velocity to any other video, playlist, or channel on YouTube.

– It is customer-friendly. They guarantee you a quick response to emails.

– It is simple to use, making it ideal for beginners.

– Your data is updated frequently. So you get a good look at your most recent metrics.

– Also available in an app.

  • Pricing: As for the pricing, there are 4 different packages to choose from.

Analyze YouTube Traffic


Tubebuddy is another excellent alternative for creators. With Tubebuddy, you can create videos that are relevant to your brand’s goals and target audience.

  • Best Features:

– Allows you to make Bulk actions for large channels

– You have easy access to metrics

– With their Keyword Explorer feature, you can create engaging titles and descriptions, which help you with your meta tags.

– Their Monetization feature helps you stay on track with YouTube’s monetization guidelines and even helps you bring back monetization for older demonetized videos.

  • Pricing:

They offer 3 packages; Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert. But, you can choose any one which you think works best for you. Although, most users recommend the beginner package. Their monthly pricing begins from $3.50 to $26.50. While their yearly packages offer a 20% discount.

Analyze YouTube Traffic


With Buzzsumo you can not only evaluate your performance but also create and amplify your content. It is one of the best tools used to analyze YouTube as well as social media traffic.

  • Best Features:

– You can brainstorm fresh content ideas, keep an eye on the hottest trends, as well as what people are searching for across different platforms.

– Keeps a close eye on competitor channels

– Provides video and channel insights

– Provides in-depth keyword research to boost SEO

– Analyzes ads, and more.

  • Pricing:

Buzzsumo offers a free trial period for one month. If you’re satisfied with its services, you can go on to buy their paid services. For more detailed info on their pricing, click here.

Analyze YouTube Traffic


Google Analytics is another excellent option for reliable and accurate data. Its reports can tell you how visitors discover and interact with your YouTube channel. It also tracks viewers who click links on YouTube that point to your website.

Google Analytics

  • Best Features:

– You can see who’s visiting, where they come from, and what parts of the channel they use. For example, which playlists they play.

– Automatically detects and presents actionable insights from your data like important changes, new trends, and other growth opportunities you should be aware of.

– Real-time reporting lets you keep an eye on channel activity as it happens.

– You can gain a better understanding of what content engages viewers on your channel with Engagement Reports.

– Monetization Reports- See how much revenue you generate whether it’s from subscriptions or ads.

  • Pricing: Free of Cost


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