Tips from YouTubers on How to Master YouTube Content Planning

Do you wonder how YouTube vloggers manage to stay centered, get their work done, and be consistent? It all comes down to strategy. Popular YouTube vloggers like Vanessa Lau, The Bliss Bean, and Cathrin Manning have mastered their YouTube content planning strategy and made it the backbone of their YouTube game. Here’s how you too can add some method to the madness:


A content calendar lays the groundwork for what your videos will share and promote across marketing channels. It is where you keep track of ideas and deadlines as well as the platforms for publishing and promoting your content.

It primarily serves as a schedule of your activities, including when and where you plan to publish new content.

If you’re wondering whether content calendars work, the answer is yes! Keeping a content calendar can help you with initial brainstorming, avoid last-minute disaster planning, and produce consistent content.


Make it easy with a digital planner! A Digital planner is a fantastic tool that helps you organize your content calendar in a fun way. With digital planners, you can customize your schedule layout, color code your tasks, get reminders, and even share it with your team and work flexibly!

Airtable, Trello, and Asana are all great examples of digital planners. They keep your desk clean as they are reusable and help reduce waste. Moreover, it is affordable, accessible, and saves you time!

Watch how Vanessa Lau uses Airtable to plan her entire workflow:


This Japanese management system is also known as a “visual board” where you track your work progress in sections. Kanban involves creating a board by dividing your work into columns such as “to do”, “in progress”, and “done”. You then write your task on cards and keep moving them from column to column as you go on with them.

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This technique is simple but effective. It helps you visualize your work, track your progress, and maximize efficiency. The Kanban system fuels your work by avoiding procrastination, limiting your “in progress” time delays, and boosting your productivity.

Watch how The Bliss Bean uses the kanban system on Trello to organize her YouTube tasks and goals.


Batching content is when you devote all of your time and effort to a single task. Vanessa Lau and Cathrin Manning both recommend that creators batch-create their videos because it allows them to focus all of their time, attention, and energy on that task alone for a period of time before moving on to other tasks. 

Keep a few days marked on your calendar to batch-film content alone. You can pick how many videos you want to create during a particular time period. For example, if you want to film a month’s worth of videos in a week.

YouTube Content Planning can help spark ideas and boost your creativity. So, plan and perfect your content strategy by experimenting with different methods, and settle for one that works best for you!

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