4 Easy Editing Software That Will Make Your YouTube Videos Look Amazing

You don’t have to be a professional video editor or shell out money on expensive software to create stunning videos. Though expensive software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut provide plenty of feature-rich options to customise your videos in detail, there are also other editing software that are easy to use and can make your videos look professional. If you’re on a tight budget, here are 4 types of easy YouTube video editing software that can transform your creations quickly and efficiently:

  1. Filmora

If you’ve never experimented with video editing, this is the best platform to learn the tricks of the trade.

Best features:

  • Filmora comes with a fun bunch of titles, effects and overlays that fit all types of video themes – be it fashion, sports, corporate or others. You can add your own spin to these effects to make your videos stand out further.
  • Has sound enhancing features like keyframing, background noise reduction and audio equalizer. In a matter of minutes, Filmora enhances your video’s sound quality which may have otherwise taken you a lot more time to manually implement.


  • Free version: Limited features
  • 1 year: $39.99 USD
  • Lifetime: $59.99
  • Unlimited: $99.87 USD

2. Open Shot Video Editor

Though Open Shot is free, it’s amazing how many features this software lets you play around with. 

Best features:

  • Has over 40 vector templates for video titles that be customised according to fonts, colours and texts. You can customise the templates in detail to fit your channel’s brand theme. 
  • The 3D animated titles have plenty of rendering properties like reflectivity, extrude and more. When designed well, 3D titles stand out from the crowd with their uniqueness.
  • The time mapping feature lets you speed up, slow down or reverse the direction of your video clip. 


  • Free

3. Pinnacle Studio 22

This feature-rich software produces flawless video content without getting you to splash out your money. 

Best features:

  • The ’Motion Tracking with Mosaic Blur’ feature tracks the object you want to sensor and blurs it out, saving you the time-consuming hassle of manually tracking the object through every video frame. 
  • The ‘Split Screen Video’ with keyframes lets you show multiple video streams simultaneously on the same screen. This feature is perfect for creating trailers and promotional videos.
  • If you’re thinking about ways to incorporate 360 degree videos into your video creatively, check out the ‘Tiny Planet’ effect. This widely popular effect will give you a spherical panorama of your footage. 


  • 1-month free trial version
  • Pinnacle Studio 22: $54.95
  • Pinnacle Studio 22: Plus: $89.95
  • Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate: $109.95

4. Da Vinci Resolve

One of the most-advanced video editors out there, Da Vinci Resolve is a easier-to-use version of Adobe Premiere Pro. The free version will surprise you with its wide array of useful features. Though it takes time to get used to the software, it’s relatively faster to learn and more affordable than Adobe’s video editing tools.

Best features:

  • You can create motion graphics animations using a wide array of fusion effects like rotoscoping. 
  • Build 3D particle effects like sparkles and swirls that add a realistic touch to your videos.
  • Choose from atmospheric effects like mist, fog and rain to bring in natural elements to your videos.


  • Free version: limited features
  • Full Studio edition: $300

Now that you have this list of video editing software to help you churn out smashing videos, you’re all set to take YouTube by storm. Push your YouTube channel to the next level by experimenting with various features and effects. Before long, you’ll be on your way to achieving the virality and success you’ve always wanted. 

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