How To Increase Viewer Engagement Using 360 Degree Videos On Your YouTube Channel

Immersive technologies are growing widely popular and 360 degree videos are a raging emerging trend in 2019. 360 degree videos give you a full panoramic view of the video. Viewers get to manually click through the video and directly interact with it, rather than just watch it. Viewers can also wear a VR headset and look around a 360 degree video in all directions to get a real-life experience. People are still getting used to exploring 360 degrees videos and this is the right time to leverage this opportunity and use these videos to increase engagement in your videos.

Here are ways you can incorporate 360 degree videos in your strategy to increase engagement: 

1. Give product reviews

Give your audience a full view of the product you want to sell. Not all people will be able to travel to sample a product. 360 degree videos are the closest they can get to experiencing a full-fledged feel of the product. For example, you can give them a detailed close up of a car’s interiors or let them flip through garments and get a real life-like feel of the textures.

2. Conduct a treasure hunt contest

Hide little treasures throughout your videos and encourage viewers to find these objects by scrolling through your 360 degree video. Giveaway freebies to people who spot all the hidden treasures. These contests will make your channel fun and interesting and also give viewers an incentive to watch your videos until the end. 

3. Provide destination tours

If you want to promote a destination, there’s no better way to let viewers experience your travelling adventures than through 360 degree videos. Give them a tour of your holiday house, walk them through the vibrant streets and highlight the region’s cultures and people. Let viewers interact first-hand with the beautiful nature and landscape. 

4. Showcase adventure sports

Watching action packed videos can be addictive. It triggers a sense of thrill and excitement in viewers. Show your viewers exactly how it would be to sit on a roller coaster, go bungee jumping or skydiving. Viewers will feel their adrenaline soaring along with the people participating in the video. 

5. Tell a story

Storytelling is rising to popularity and is predicted to be a major trend in 2019. Vloggers are able to connect with viewers on a personal level by creating a deep emotional impact through their stories. Tell stories from your everyday life that viewers can relate to. 360 degree videos add a realistic touch to stories. You can incorporate elements like sound effects to create suspense that drives viewers to interact with the video. This way, viewers get in on the action and feel like they’re a part of the story. 

6. Create addictive music videos

Artists are starting to use 360 degree videos to make people come back and watch their music video again. People will watch the music video several times to try and discover all the elements in the 360 degree video. This repetitive music consumption will increase brand lift and get people to like the song better. 

7. Promote your events

Let people be a part of your events through 360 degree videos. They are perfect for creating event promos and trailers to show people exactly what to expect at the event. This life-like experience can also entice people to buy tickets spontaneously, making 360 degree videos a great lead generation tool. 

8. Make educational documentaries

360 degree videos can make education a spellbinding and interesting experience. Take people to places they will not be allowed to visit otherwise and narrate true realities. By depicting the real struggles of others, viewers can empathise with the content you produce. This is a very effective way to relay the end message impactfully and gain donations.

Overall, 360 degree videos can wow viewers, grab their attention, increase engagement and lift brand recall. It’s a powerful medium that evokes strong emotion in viewers and helps to look at content from a new perspective. With immersive technologies shaping the future of tomorrow, 360 degree videos are definitely worth exploring. You can be sure that your engagement rates will dramatically increase if you incorporate a sound strategy for 360 degree videos in your content plan.

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