All You Need To Know About Picking The Right Font For Your YouTube Channel Branding

Fonts basically set the tone for your YouTube channel. Your chosen fonts will appear on everything from your banner art, thumbnails, logo, social media posts, transition slides, titles, subtitles, body copy and other marketing collateral. So you need to make sure that you pick the right fonts and pair them right. A font that doesn’t sit well with your channel could signify unprofessionalism and ignorance. 

We’ll show you how to get your font act right.

1. Pick two fonts

First, you need to pick two main fonts for your channel. One for your heading and one for your body copy. Make sure that you only use these two fonts consistently across all your marketing collateral. 

2. Know your typeface

Fonts can be broadly categorised into Sans and Sans Serif typefaces. Sans Serif fonts are bold, traditional, impactful and bold whereas Serif fonts are modern, simple and plain. For the best pairing, use Sans Serif fonts for headings and Serif fonts for your body copy. 

3. Contrast like a pro

Pick two fonts that contrast each other to make the most impact. For example, you can keep your header font thick and body font light. Contrasting fonts are easier for viewers to pick up. Fonts shouldn’t look too similar to each other.

4. It’s in the clarity

Your fonts must be clear and legible. Since your marketing collateral, logo and thumbnail will be shrunk down, your font should look bold even from a distance. There must be a good amount of spacing between each letter. Make sure they aren’t squashed together. To test your font readability, resize your font to 10px. If it’s still legible, you’ve passed the test!

5. Link to emotional attributes

Link your font to specific emotional attributes. A bold playful font can work perfectly for a kids channel and a romantic script font can work like a charm for a beauty channel. It’s all in the channel aesthetics. 

6. Use font pairing tools

Use font pairing tools that automatically pick a great font combination for you. Bold. Font Combinations lets you first pick a font and then the tool provides the best font pairing for it. Type Connection allows you to play around with font pairings and explains why they make or don’t make a good fit. 

7. Download fonts for free

There are thousands of free fonts available for free downloads. 1001 Free Fonts, DaFont and FreeTypography among others are popular websites where you can browse through interesting typefaces and install them for free on your computer. 

That’s how you create the perfect font combination for your YouTube channel. It’s absolutely vital that you pick the right font combination to stand out from the competition. Don’t hold back from spending time experimenting until you find a dream font that fits with your branding like magic!

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