Every Youtuber’s Website Must Have These 5 Pages

Every YouTuber or content creator needs a website to reach a wider audience. Websites can open up new avenues for revenue generation through ads  monetisation, online shop creation, etc. It can also be the place that people visit to have a look at your portfolio or reach out for collaborations.

While most websites have similar layouts, with a ‘Home’ page, an ‘About me’ page, a ‘Contact’ page and a blog, there are also other specific pages that every YouTuber should include in their website. Apart from the generic pages, here are five other pages that every YouTuber’s website must-have.

1. Videos

Yes, your videos are already available on your YouTube channel. But on your website, you can feature your best videos or snippets from your videos that you want to showcase to people who are new to your content.

Lauren Riihimaki, famously known as LaurDIY, creates long-form DIY videos on her channel. Her website, on the other hand, has a section that has quick little DIY tutorials that provides a sneak peek at her YouTube content.

2. Takeaways

If you provide any kind of educational or self-improvement type of content on YouTube, you might want to create designated pages to write about these and link the same in the corresponding YouTube video.

For example, Chloe Ting, a famous fitness coach on YouTube, uses a page on her website to create playlists for her workout programs.

3. Other Projects

You can also have a page to promote other projects that you are working on. This can be dedicated to newsletters, blogs, podcasts, courses or other businesses that you are a part of.

Matt D’Avella uses his website to promote his podcast and course, both of which aren’t much spoken of on his YouTube channel.

4. Online Store

A lot of YouTubers now have their own products and merchandise that they promote extensively on their YouTube channels. While some use existing retail platforms to host their products, others create an online store on their own website.

For example, Philip DeFranco uses his website as a storefront for his merch line.


YouTubers tend to get a lot of questions about their lives in their YouTube comment section. As it can get difficult to respond to every single comment, having an FAQ page can be the perfect way to tackle this. You can also include a contact form for queries, that can then be used to include more FAQs on this page.

A lot of these apply to not just YouTubers’ websites but any kind of website. Your website needs to be cohesive enough for a visitor to understand what it’s about, who you are, what you offer, etc. So categorising your website content into separate pages is the ideal way to lead your audience to exactly what they are looking for.

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