What You Need To Know About Setting Your Artist Avatar

If you are a musical artist/band on YouTube and have an Official Artist Channel, you are eligible to have a singular picture that serves as your “artist avatar”. This image is used as the official icon for your VEVO channel, and any other channels you own. Here’s everything you’d need to know about your artist avatar.


What is an artist avatar?

To make your identity consistent across all of your YouTube channels, you can have an “artist avatar” that shows up as the official icon for all your channels, including VEVO channels. Any channel that you own and operate will have the updated avatar. This helps viewers easily recognise you across the YouTube platform. It also helps you build a fanbase, as you can engage with viewers in the comments, helping people recognise you easily through your profile icon.


The avatar need not be the same as your logo. While the logo is mainly used for watermarks, professional branding, and on public sites, your artist avatar is used only on YouTube. Yet, you can still choose to use your logo as the avatar.


How to set/update your avatar

When you create a YouTube channel, you will be asked for a profile icon. You will have to upload a JPG, GIF or PNG in a 1:1 aspect ratio and minimum 800px resolution. This image is used as the avatar for all your YouTube channels, including artists channels.


If you wish to update the avatar, open YouTube Studio > Customization > Branding. Here, click on ‘Change’ and upload the new image, resize if needed, and click ‘Done’. To save the changes, click on ‘Publish’. This might take over 24 hours to get updated across all channels.


As your official artist avatar is consistent across channels, this makes it easy for viewers and subscribers to identify your channels among an ocean of YouTubers. Use this as an opportunity to market yourself across channels, and create a unique, branded identity for yourself!

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