The Best Merchandise Platforms For YouTubers To Partner With: Fanjoy And Teespring

Has it been a while since you started a YouTube channel? You might have uploaded hundreds of videos, gained thousands of subscribers, and gained many loyal fans across the internet. Eventually, you might start feeling that your revenue is stagnant and you want to create a new revenue source. 

Why don’t you leverage your merchandising and create a new stream of passive income? Here’s how to get started with merchandise platforms.

What is branded merchandise?

Products that promote and speak about your brand is called branded merchandise, or “merch”. Merch can be in the form of t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, bags, and so many other items. The graphics on the merch will be uniquely “you”. These could be quotes or icons that you’re well-known for or just a logo to denote your brand.

Fanjoy and Teespring are two leading merchandise platforms the most successful YouTubers are using to promote their merchandise.

Merchandise platforms make it easy for YouTubers to have their own line of merch. These platforms take care of the production of the products, transaction process and shipping too. All you have to do is to submit your designs to the platform and they take care of the rest. 


Fanjoy collaborates with many top content creators to create their merch. They help YouTubers in launching their merchandise with innovative designs customised for each creator. YouTubers and influencers get a dedicated landing page to showcase their merch and market them.


Teespring takes care of the end-to-end process of the merch business. The platform offers printing on-demand, to ensure there is no wastage of products. This means that your designs are printed on the products only after an order is placed. Teespring also has tech integrations with YouTube to help you display merch on your merchandise shelf under your videos. Anyone can set up a shop on Teespring and start “merch-ing”.

Creating branded merch is a great way for your fans to contribute to your brand. Apart from Fanjoy and Teespring, there are several other merchandising platforms that ship worldwide. You can also reach out to these platforms for any collaboration ideas.

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