Best Animated Intro Maker For Free

The intro of any video is what hooks the viewer. A captivating intro will make your audience want to sit through the entire video. It gives them the first impression of your channel. So naturally, preparing an eye catching intro is as crucial as the content of the entire video. 

Many established YouTubers spend a good sum on buying subscriptions of various logo or video maker tools. But when you are new to the video making world, using a user friendly and free of cost tool is a better option. 

While the market is flooded with video maker tools that do not offer several services free of cost, there is a branding and marketing tool that does; PlaceIt.

Even the free account users get a myriad of services. Placeit is easy to use, delivers high quality designs and has over 1000 of templates to choose from. You do not have to be an expert in graphic designing to use this tool. Furthermore there is no lengthy process and steps you have to follow to design a template. 

Despite its convenient user interface, if you still face trouble designing templates or videos, you can browse its webpage solely for tutorial videos. These tutorial videos will walk you through its plethora of features step by step. Moreover, there are a number of tutorial videos on YouTube as well.

Other than animated video intros and outros, Placeit also allows you to design:-
  • Photo Mockups
  • Video Mockups
  • T-Shirt Design Templates
  • Social Media Post Templates
  • Advertising Templates
  • Logo Design Templates

There are some drawbacks of using the free version as the template library in the free version is notably smaller than the paid version. Regardless, Placeit is still the best animated intro maker for free for beginners. 

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