How To Get Sponsorship For Small YouTube Channels

Many YouTubers dedicate most or all their time to their channel as they aim at becoming professional YouTubers. While it does take some time for these aspiring YouTubers to build a large fan case, they soon start finding ways to earn money from their YouTube channel. 

The traditional way of earning money through your channel is applying for monetisation. If your channel meets the guidelines for monetisation, you will soon start earning. Alternatively, creators may also look for sponsors. 

Basically, any individual or a brand can ask you to review and/or promote their product or services in your video. In return, they will pay you. Any YouTuber whose channel slowly starts taking off knows how important it is to invest money in tools like audio and video editing softwares, microphones, better quality cameras and so on. 

Let’s discuss how you can land sponsors for your channel. 


  • Distinct known persona

Every famous YouTuber has a unique personality trait people remember them by. Markiplier is known for his shot-of-espresso energy, PewDiePie is popular for his witty sense of humour and so on.

Brands typically look for YouTubers whose persona they will be able to relate to. 

  • Coincidence of target audience 

The target audience of the brand and YouTube should coincide. The whole reason as to why sponsors pay YouTubers is to reach their target consumers. For instance, a company making energy drinks will most likely target people of age 15-25. Subsequently, they will look for creators who are popular among this age demographic. 


  • Make use of platforms for YouTubers

If you are just starting out as a YouTuber, finding the right sponsor for your channel may be difficult. Platforms like GrapeVine and FameBit make life easier for these YouTubers. They work with creators and connect them with the right sponsor as per their channel’s niche. 

  • Grow your channel

At the end of the day, any sponsor would invest their time and money in a YouTuber if they have a good fan base. Aim at growing your channel in an organic way or taking advantage of platforms like Flintzy. Flintzy is a promotional platform exclusively for YouTubers. It helps them to boost engagement of their channel and reach a wider audience. 


  • Contact potential sponsors directly

You can find many companies and small businesses who are willing to promote their product or services through YouTubers. Research and read about these businesses, find their company email address, tell them about your interest in partnering with them and invite them to check out your channel. 

Learn more about how to get sponsors for your YouTube channel.

Earning money through your YouTube channel will surely take a lot of time and effort. But by following these tips, you can surely land sponsors for your channel soon. 

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