YouTube Timestamps: The Secret Tool to Improving Your Visibility

Want to increase your Channel’s visibility? Use YouTube Chapters aka Timestamps! This feature not only helps viewers in navigating your videos but helps make your content more discoverable on Google and YouTube. Using Optimized keywords as chapter names increases the likelihood of your video ranking in a Google search. Moreover, well-organized content appeals to viewers, making them return to your channel. 

Timestamps should be written in your video description. Simply type “Chapters” or “Timestamps” in your description and start making video chapters. In your video description, type out the time and chapter names beside it. 

To add them to your previous videos, Sign in to YouTube Studio, and click Content. Edit the descriptions of the videos you want to add timestamps to. While giving chapter names keep the following points in mind. 


Watch your videos and hunt for key moments in them. These key moments will be your YouTube chapters. Make a note of the time section so you can distinguish the chapters in your recordings. 


Once you’ve decided at what time to add chapter names, make sure you label them with keywords. Do some keyword research to see what people are looking for when it comes to your video topic. Shape your chapter titles around those keywords. For example, if your video is about a DIY makeup tutorial, your chapter names could be “using an eyeliner”, “using a blush”, and so on.

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  • BEGIN WITH 00:00

Your timestamps must begin at the start of the video, i.e. 00:00. The first few minutes of a video usually introduce your video matter. So, your first chapter name beginning at 00:00 can be your intro.


To add timestamps, you need to make a minimum of 3 chapters. Or else you won’t be able to add them at all. If you’re unsure of the chapter names, re-watch your video to determine the key moments. 


Your chapters need to be at least 10 seconds long to be considered as chapters. 

Chapter names pave the perfect path to SEO, navigating your content, and reaching it out to the audience. Add them to your videos and have views pouring in in no time!

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