6 Ways to Make YouTube Videos more Entertaining: in 2022

Youtubers are always coming up with new ways to spice up their channel. Throughout their video, they sprinkle witty jokes or remarks, memes, funny visuals, and sound effects to spruce up their content. These surprisingly simple techniques breathe new life into an otherwise dull video. Listed below are a few such tried-and-true ways you can use to make YouTube videos more entertaining:


Memes are a popular way to sell information while also entertaining the audience. Meme clips are widely used on YouTube, where a clip is played during the video to fit the context. This adds a comical element to an otherwise lengthy video. 

You can find popular memes from movies, tv shows, YouTube, or internet memes with the click of a button today. However, check for any copyright issues before using them in your video.

To avoid getting a copyright strike, you can either get permission to use them from the copyright holder. Or comply with YouTube’s fair use guidelines.

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Visual effects can transform an ordinary video into something spectacular. Adding special effects, transitions, jump cuts, and filters to your video can help it stand out and keep viewers interested.

make entertaining youtube videos

With tools like adobe premiere pro, iskysoft, and other video editing software, you can edit your videos to be lively and engaging.



Sound effects give a special touch to your videos. They not only add a comical effect but also elevate emotions and evoke an emotional response. For example, you can use a fake crying sound effect to exaggerate your problems in a life sketch video or a fake slap effect used for a skit.



Set the mood for your viewers by selecting appropriate background music. Background music keeps the show going. For example, for a daily vlog video, you might choose calm, relaxing music. But if your video is a fun travel vlog, you might want to go with something more upbeat.

This method works for any type of video, including vlogs, gaming, reaction, and DIY videos.

To avoid the hassle of a copyright strike, use YouTube’s Audio Library. In Audio Library, you can not only search for a song by the mood but also listen to a dozen different song samples before downloading the ideal one.


YouTubers today use animated intros to jazz up their videos. To make your video more memorable, you should have an engaging introduction. A high-quality intro is a fantastic way to wow your audience. It gives people a quick summary of the content you present. It’s also a good way to improve your watch time and YouTube ranking. 

There are many video editing tools available today that you can use to create, customize, and style your own intro. Some popular ones used are Animaker, AdobeCanva, and more.


Just like your intro, your outro is equally important to make a memorable impression. 

Style your end screen to match the look and feel of your channel. The best and simplest way to design your final screen is to use a template. You can personalize and even have your own templates animated.

You can add another video, playlist, channel, and even a subscribe button to your end screen. So, make the most of this feature by including playlists of related videos, a recent upload, or a video that new viewers may enjoy.

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