How To Avoid Copyright Issues On YouTube

When it comes to enforcing copyright policies, YouTube is anything but lenient. Using even a fraction of copyrighted content will get your channel a strike.

Learn more about copyright strikes and its implications.

It is best advised to stay abreast with all YouTube policies and the latest developments. 

While creators should use original content to attract more subscribers and avoid copyright issues, there are ways by which you can use certain content without getting copyright strikes.



  • Use royalty free content

Whether it is pictures, video clips or music, there are countless sites in the market that offer free of cost content to creators. 

They allow you to use their content for zero royalty or any copyright complications. Platforms like Unsplash and MixKit allow you to download pictures and video for free. 


  • Contact the copyright holders

Granted it has worked for several creators in the past, it is not 100 percent effective. You can officially license or get rights to content by getting in touch with the copyright holders directly. Most creators put out their contact details. Subsequently, you can give them details about why you want to use their content and whether you will be earning money through the same. 

Moreover, they may or may not respond. This method takes a lot more effort and money. 

Learn how to get permission to use copyrighted content on YouTube.


  • Making use of the free use policy

Even if you are just a beginner in the content creating field, you must know the YouTube fair use policy. It states that creators can reuse certain copyrighted content under some circumstances without getting the approval of the copyright holder. For instance, creators can use copyrighted content under the fair use policy for non-commercial or educational purposes. 

Moreover, the fair use policy largely varies from country to country. Each case may depend on the copyright laws of that country and the circumstances under which the copyrighted content was used. 

All in all, as aforementioned, the safest way to avoid copyright issues is by using original content. Use the discussed tips to protect your channel from copyright strikes.

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