How To Get YouTube Community Tab?

Gone are the days when YouTubers merely posted videos on their channel and had their target audience view it. As more and more people enter the content creation game, the general idea of it starts to evolve.

Community tab allows creators to engage with their audience through polls, text based posts, images and so on. This type of engagement goes beyond the traditional video viewing experience.

The most popular form of community posts are polls. These polls allow your audience to directly interact with your channel. You can ask questions regarding what kind of content they prefer the most, or how often you should post and so on and so forth. Alternatively, you can ask your audience anything and start a fun discussion.

When viewers engage with your community posts, they are more likely to see more content from your channel. 

Naturally, the community tab is a great way of attracting new viewers. But as it turns out, not all creators are eligible for using this feature. 

Before October 2021, your channel had to have 1,000 subscribers for the feature to become available. But now, if you have 500 subscribers on your channel, you automatically become eligible for the same. 

It ultimately boils down to how unique your content is and how many subscribers you have. Learn how to get 100 subscribers everyday for free.

Other than using the above methods to gain more subscribers, you can utilise platforms like that have helped countless channels boost their views and subscribers. 

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