Harness the Power of YouTube Influencers to Grow Your Channel!

YouTuber creators have the power to build a thriving audience and a connection that runs deep. YouTube Influencers today are revered by their subscribers and are sometimes even recognized as part of a viewer’s life. 

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How is it that YouTubers have such a strong grasp of their audience? How does this connection help YouTubers land brand deals and shape influencer marketing? And how can you, as an upcoming YouTuber foster such a connection with your audience?

Here’s a strategy that popular YouTube influencers use:

  • Targeting Relatable Audiences

One of the biggest reasons viewers empathize with YouTubers is that they are similar to them in some ways. YouTube influencers strategically target a specific type of audience that resonates with them. Viewers follow these influencers for their relatable personalities and find even the most basic aspects of their lives interesting, as they resonate with the creator.  

  • Shared experiences through Storytelling make viewers empathize

By sharing their personal experiences, including both successes and struggles, YouTubers forge a strong bond with their community. This makes YouTube influencers a significant part of their audience’s lives. 

Through techniques like storytelling, the audience becomes invested in their lives through regularly watching and feeling as if they know them. To viewers, they become “the girl next door”, or sometimes even “the sister they never had”.

A prime example here is YouTuber Lilly Singh (Superwoman) who is known for her comedic and relatable storytelling style. ‘

  • Viewers seek authentic value

YouTube has become a platform where netizens go to find answers to their questions. Viewers turn to these creators for realistic, straightforward, and no-nonsense techniques to solve their problems. 

Thewizardliz has amassed 4M subscribers by boldly calling out her viewers, speaking candidly without sugarcoating, and offering straightforward advice to positively change their lives. 

  • YouTubers make their audience feel seen and heard 

One way YouTubers provide value to their audience is by being genuinely interested in their audience. YouTube influencers are constantly interacting with their viewers through comments, community posts, and Q&As, and are easily accessible on social media.

Popular YouTubers like Pewdiepie go so far as to make content about their fans. He responds and reacts to fan-made games, music, and memes, and is constantly reaching out to them with charity, donations, and events. He listens to their concerns and modifies his content to meet their needs

  • Impact on Purchasing Behaviors

The bond between influencers and their viewers greatly influences purchasing decisions. YouTubers hold sway over their audience, and this bond greatly influences viewers’ buying habits and daily choices. 

Viewers trust their favorite influencers’ opinions and recommendations. This is why building trust with their audience becomes a top priority for influencers, as it drives the success of brand deals and endorsements.

  • Brand Deals and Influencer Marketing

Brands recognize the power of these influencers and their loyal and invested viewers, leading to valuable brand deals and promotions. These partnerships are a win-win, as influencers are compensated for their influence while brands gain exposure by tapping into their loyal and engaged fanbase.

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  • How can Flintzy help you connect with your audience?

Flintzy understands the challenges faced by upcoming creators in building and nurturing such connections with their audience. These connections help you not only land brand deals but are also vital for the overall growth of your channel. 

At Flintzy, we can help bridge the gap between upcoming creators and their audiences. We can help foster organic growth through targeted promotions, run exciting campaigns to promote specific videos, or events, and connect you with the right community to make your dream of becoming a YouTube Influencer a reality. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us at flintzy.com!

Building a thriving YouTube channel and connecting with your audience requires time, consistency, and dedication. Your viewers are the heart of your channel, so staying authentic, providing real value, and engaging with them genuinely will be the keys to unlocking that special connection!

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