7 Fun Ways to Convert Viewers into Subscribers on YouTube

Is your watch time dominated by non-subscribers? The key to build a bond with your silent viewers and make them a part of your community is trust. Give your viewers a reason to trust you and soon you will have a thriving subscriber base. Here are 7 ways you can build this trust and convert your viewers into subscribers on YouTube:

Convert Viewers into Subscribers


One reason why you’re not attracting subscribers could be that you’re targeting the wrong audience. You cannot convert older viewers into subscribers if your videos are meant for younger viewers. Your target viewer is someone for whom your content is meant. 

To find the right audience, start by understanding your content’s purpose and identifying who it best serves. Conduct research to determine the demographics, interests, and preferences of potential viewers. Use YouTube Analytics to gather data on your current audience and tailor your content accordingly to resonate with their needs and interests. 

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Once you’ve found your target audience, you need to provide consistent value to turn viewers into loyal subscribers.

This value could be in different content forms such as educational, interactive, entertainment, and so on. Before creating a video ask yourself what kind of value do you want to provide your audience. Or what kind of value do you receive from your favourite creators? Relate these points back to your niche. 

For example, under educational content, you can provide videos on tips and strategies related to your niche, along with free pdf guides and cheat sheets. Under entertainment, behind-the-scenes, humorous parodies. Under interactive- you can host live events, fun contests, videos based on subscribers’ demands, or even feature a subscriber in your video.

Pick your most viewed or highly engaging video that caught the eye of many viewers and create follow-up videos. YouTube will surely suggest part 2 or 3 videos to the same viewers. This video created a strong impression on many viewers, so they are highly likely to return to watch a sequel and may even hit that subscribe button!

You can also create playlists around specific themes to lead viewers to discover more of your content, stay longer on your channel, and thus increase your channel watch time.


Mix things up and have some fun! Have fun with your subscribers by giving them shoutouts and even creating a hall of fame for new subscribers. Pick up a few most loyal subscribers and display their names on a “Subscriber of the Week” wall. This is a fun way to build a loyal fan base and engage with your audience while also making new connections!


Keep your viewers on their toes by setting a goal with them to help you achieve a specific number of subscribers within a specified time period. For example, at 5,000 subscribers, release a special video sharing your top-favorite strategies related to your content. At 10,000 subscribers, host an event where you can meet and interact with your most loyal fans.

During the Subscriber Milestone Challenge, keep updating on the current subscriber count to build excitement within the community. This encourages viewers to actively participate actively by leaving comments on videos, sharing your channel on social media, and even inviting others to subscribe.


Having a compelling Call-to-Action at the end of your video can convert new watchers to subscribers. Keep in mind that every video serves as your first impression on potential subscribers. Strategically placed CTAs can drive viewer behaviours and encourage them to take action and further engage with your content. 

Crafting calls to action is a powerful but not impossible skill to master. Here are the 5 Most Effective Calls-to-Action that will help increase your subscriber base.


Timing is key when you’re a content creator. Knowing when your viewers are on YouTube can help you leverage more viewers and reach your viewers at the right time. 

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