Marketing Mistakes YouTubers Make

You cannot deny the need for Social Media Marketing today. It’s at the heart of your creator journey, helping you share your videos and connect with a wider audience. It’s the gateway to making videos viral and gaining the recognition your hard work deserves. However, many upcoming creators make several mistakes while promoting their content on various platforms. To successfully get your name out there, you have to learn the art of marketing. And the best way to do that is by avoiding the mistakes others have made. So, here are the Top 9 Marketing Mistakes YouTubers Make and how you can avoid them:

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  • Giving away the meat

Your goal is to draw your viewers to YouTube. So, don’t give away the meat! The ‘meat’ is the juiciest part of your video, the most important point, or the most interesting bit.

You need to identify the key points of your video and accordingly create a hook that grabs your audience’s attention. Find the perfect balance between teasing your audience and leaving them on a cliffhanger so that they immediately hit the link to your video. You can do this by asking a key question and ending the video before it’s answered. 

Watch Tayo Aina’s promo video featuring an interview with Ali Abdaal. It shows the outcome of Ali’s success without giving away the “How”. The video poses a question- How does he make so much money? This unanswered question drives viewers to watch the entire video on YouTube.  

  • Not Targeting a Specific Audience

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, target a specific group, whose interests align with your content. Different platforms cater to different audiences. For example, Instagram has a younger audience, whereas Facebook caters to a wider age range. So, find out where your ideal viewers are and meet them there! 

  • Not having a schedule and posting too much

Avoid spamming your audience by posting too much or too often. An erratic posting schedule might confuse and discourage viewers. Experiment with different posting schedules, find one that feels right for you and stick with it.

  • Juggling all platforms

This is one of the biggest Marketing Mistakes YouTubers Make. While it is tempting to spread yourself thin across all platforms, remember that: A friend to all is a friend to none. If you try to talk to everyone, you won’t effectively reach anyone. 

This can also take a toll on you if you’re handling them all alone. So, try and test them all but settle for the best few. Look out for where your audience thrives the most and focus your energy there for maximum impact.

  • Not Tweaking for Platform Differences 

Each platform has its own gimmicks and dynamics. As content performs differently on different platforms, you need to tailor them accordingly. You need to understand how algorithms work and adjust your strategy. For example, some platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn prefer text-related content, whereas some like TikTok and Reels prefer videos.

Instagram reels have different aesthetics and humour as compared to YouTube Shorts which are more educational. At the same time, LinkedIn is more professional, with a focus on business and career-related content. Twitter thrives on Short, witty commentary, and quick updates whereas Instagram Post captions can be longer. 

Juggling even a few of these can be a task. So here are a few tips, tricks, and tools that can help you work smarter, not harder-

  • Only promoting, not engaging

The whole point of being on social media is to interact with your audience and build a loyal community. While you still have to promote and maintain some amount of professionalism, you need to have fun while you’re at it! 

Remember to reply to mentions, reposts, and acknowledge viewers’ feedback. While perfect cuts and aesthetics are fine, don’t be afraid to show them the messes behind the process. 

Share BTS clips and stories through posts, Instagram stories, and tweets. You can also share your backstory, sources of motivation, books, and affirmations that keep you going, and so on. Whatever you share, make sure it ties back to your main content and resonates with your audience.

  • Only sharing your content

Only posting about your content can come off as being self-absorbed and overly promotional. This is why collaboration is key to growth. Give shoutouts to fellow creators whose content aligns with yours. This not only supports others but can introduce your channel to new audiences. 

  • Ignoring trends 

Staying in touch with trends and current events in your niche is crucial. Keeping your content relevant also gives you the chance to create timely and impactful videos. Plus, engaging with trending topics that resonate with your audience’s location or age group can amp up the interaction!

  • Not hinting at new videos

Keep your audience on their toes and deliver with a bang! Tease your upcoming content through sneak peeks and easter eggs. Offer them a taste of what’s to come. This creates anticipation and keeps your audience engaged. 

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