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Grow your views in 5 mins with this Analytics tool!  With YouTube Analytics, you can now view “When your viewers are on YouTube”. You can now use this valuable metric to your advantage by scheduling your videos around your audience’s peak hours!

  • What is this tool?

The “When your viewers are on YouTube” metric helps you see when your viewers are active across YouTub in the last 28 days. 

  • Why should you use it?

Audience research is the first crucial step toward a successful YouTube Channel. Hence, it is important to upload your videos at the right time so you can reach your target audience. 

Not every viewer has their notification bell turned on. Some are rarely active, and your video might get lost in the sea of content even if they have subscribed. Not only do you lose out on views, but your audience might also miss out on some valuable information. 

Being active together at the time makes room for maximum engagement. You get to see their reactions, respond to them, and connect with them instantly.

  • How to access it?

Go to Youtube Analytics, and click on “Audience”. Once you scroll down, you’ll see a purple chart showing “When your viewers are on YouTube”. You can now use this information to schedule your live streams and leverage more views!

Image Credit: via Rob Balasabas on YouTube
  • How to use it?

You can use it to help build your community, and strategically schedule your video uploads, premieres, or live streams during those peak periods. This can lead to higher viewership, participation, and interaction during live events.

You can also plan targeted promotional activities, such as community posts, stories, and so on, during their most active hours. This ensures that your content and updates are more likely to be seen and engaged with by your viewers.

You can now gain insights into the types of content that resonate best with your viewers during specific times. This can help to create and deliver content that aligns with your audience’s preferences and activity periods.

By leveraging this information, you can effectively reach and engage with your audience, ultimately leading to greater viewership, engagement, and channel growth!

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