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YouTube Shorts are taking the platform by storm. YouTube Shorts are specifically designed to be short-form videos, usually lasting up to 60 seconds. With a new feature arises new queries. Since the advent of YouTube shorts, creators have been buzzing with excitement about the impact they can have on their channels. The most common worry creators have is YouTube Shorts’ effects on their channel’s watch time.  

Watch time refers to the amount of time viewers spend glued to the videos on your channel. YouTube Shorts can be a double-edged sword for a channel’s overall watch time. It all boils down to how you incorporate these Shorts into your content strategy. 

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  • Increased Watch Time: 

When users engage with and watch YouTube Shorts from a specific channel for extended periods of time, it can contribute to a higher overall watch time for that channel.  This is a big win for channels that primarily focus on creating Shorts or have successfully integrated Shorts into their content mix.

  • Discoverability and Exposure: 

YouTube Shorts have their own dedicated section on the YouTube app and website, which can provide additional exposure to a channel’s content. When viewers discover a channel through its catchy Shorts, they’re enticed to explore the longer-form videos, resulting in increased watch time. 


  • Shorter Video Length:

YouTube Shorts are like mini-movie versions of regular videos and can be very addictive.  Now, if a channel puts a lot of effort into making longer videos, but viewers are captivated by the Shorts instead, the watch time for the channel’s main content might take a hit.

  • Reduced Engagement with Long-Form Content:

If you hook viewers on short, snackable content on a channel, they may be less likely to engage with longer videos. This can result in lower watch time for the channel’s regular content, which isn’t exactly ideal for the overall watch time.

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  • Post intriguing snippets from your long videos

Have a captivating hook so that the viewers stop scrolling and first watch your short video. Use an engaging introduction or highlight an intriguing aspect of the longer content to make viewers want to continue watching. 

  • Offer exclusive content

Reward your viewers by providing exclusive content or extended versions of your shorts in longer videos. Mention these perks in the shorts to generate excitement and curiosity among your audience. Lastly, have a compelling call to action that makes them want to watch the whole video on your channel.

  • Pin Comment

Post the full video link in the comment section, and pin your comment. Make sure you inform your audience to check out the link pinned in the comment section. 

  • Use the Green Screen feature

YouTube has introduced a new feature called “Remix” on its mobile app. This exciting feature enables you to easily select and cut a specific snippet from any video to create a short clip. 

You can use the “Green Screen” effect, allowing you to overlay your own reactions or commentary onto another video. This feature is especially useful because it provides a direct link to the original video you reacted to. This link appears right below your video’s title, making it effortless for viewers to switch from watching your short clip to accessing the full-length video!

By leveraging this feature, you can seamlessly incorporate engaging snippets from other videos while also driving traffic and directing viewers to long-form content.

YouTube Shorts can be a useful tool for attracting new viewers and potentially increasing watch time on your channel through the exposure and interest they generate. It’s always beneficial to have a well-rounded content strategy that includes both Shorts and longer videos to cater to different viewer tastes and maximize overall watch time on your channel.

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