7 YouTube Algorithm Hacks You Didn’t Know About

The YouTube algorithm is constantly changing and is complex to understand. To excel on YouTube, it’s crucial to master YouTube’s algorithm and stay up to date with its trends. With the influx of information on YouTube’s algorithm flooding the internet, it can be hard to flesh out important updates that could have gotten lost in the clutter. Here are 7 YouTube algorithm hacks that will attract viewers and hike engagement rates: 

  1. Make sure you market your videos immediately after they’re published

YouTube pushes videos that get more views from subscribers in the first few hours or days after posting them. Videos which have a higher view velocity have higher chances of being pushed to a wide audience. If your video doesn’t gain enough views, YouTube will push your future videos to a smaller number of people.

2. Post your videos on forums like Reddit and Quora

Find relevant questions in your niche on forums like Quora and Reddit. Answer these questions and subtly link your relevant YouTube videos to the answer. These videos could show up as search engine results and appear in the “recommended” section of a user’s homepage. YouTube boosts videos that rank highly in search engine results as there is a high demand for them already.

3. Scatter keywords throughout your videos

Find relevant keywords using YouTube’s Search Report tool or external keyword generators. Scatter these keywords in your video titles, metadata, URL, tags, descriptions, transcriptions, video files, and thumbnail files. YouTube will push videos that match highly relevant keywords with search queries.

4. Upload a transcript for all your YouTube videos

YouTube ranks videos that have transcripts, higher in its search results because transcripts contain keywords that clearly show what the video is about. You can upload pre-written transcripts or add subtitles to your videos on YouTube’s Creator Studio.

5. Translate your videos 

YouTube viewership is rapidly growing by the day, especially in India and Asia-Pacific regions. By translating your videos, you can reach a massive new international audience. You can also have a separate channel catering specifically to a regional language. These channels will have less competition than English channels and have a higher chance of going viral. You can use YouTube’s Creator Studio to translate your videos.

6. Publish a series of videos that are related to each other

If you have a longer video you want to promote but are worried about it staggering your audience’s watch time, break up the video into a series of smaller videos. When you have multiple videos that are similar to each other, YouTube recognizes these videos as related videos and pushes them.

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7. Utilize as many in-built YouTube features as you can

YouTube already provides plenty of in-built features like cards, annotations, end-cards, subscriber buttons, free music library, 360 degree videos, live features, and many more. Take advantage of all these features and find ways to incorporate them in your videos. The YouTube algorithm pushes videos that are brimming with YouTube’s in-built tricks. 

Integrating these hacks in your content strategy will undoubtedly help you increase the ROI on your YouTube channel. Once you get a hang of the YouTube algorithm, you’ll be well on your way to mastering your channel. You got this!

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