How To Use Facebook to Double Your Viewership On YouTube

With more than 2.7 billion of the population scrolling through Facebook at least once a day, the chances of getting your content seen on this platform are massive! However, many creators abandon their marketing efforts on Facebook after copying and pasting their YouTube video link to their newsfeed. It’s no surprise when their engagement rates on Facebook come to a standstill even after cross-promoting their video. This is because there are plenty of other tactics and strategies you can implement on Facebook to give your YouTube videos that extra push. Here are a few pointers to drive views to your YouTube channel through Facebook:

1. Get involved with Facebook groups

Find Facebook groups in your niche and scroll through members in the group. You can drop messages in their personal inbox and get them to look at your video. Or you can directly post your video link to the feed. You can also opt to scroll through the group’s news feed and find people who are actively posting on the group. If you think your video will benefit them, comment on their post and leave a link to your vide. Make sure that your message is friendly and informal, and not like an advert. 

Example of a good message for a technology-based YouTube channel:

Hi Jane, the project that you posted on ‘insert group name’ seems interesting! Based on your professional background, we think that you will greatly benefit from our YouTube channel dedicated to upskilling talented innovators like yourself with other professionals in the industry. 

We at ‘insert your channel’s name’, have a massive community of 70,000+ members in our network. We would love for you benefit from the discussions and grow in your career. 

We’ve popped in a link to our YouTube channel if you’re interested: ‘insert your video link’.

Warm wishes, 

‘Insert your name’

2. Update your cover image

Whenever you want to promote a video, event or giveaway that you’re hosting, update your Facebook cover image. Or highlight your best video as your Facebook cover. Whenever a new person visits your page, the cover image is the first thing that grabs the eye. So your main promotions need to be highlighted in a place where everyone’s going to be able to see it. An additional bonus is that people get notified when you make changes to your cover photo if they’re turned on notification updates. This is almost as good as sending them a private message on their inbox. However, make sure that you don’t change your cover image too often, as this may put off your followers. You can opt to change it once a week or once a month, depending on what you’re promoting. For example, YouTuber Superwoman is promoting her merchandise on her Facebook cover picture. 

3. Go live on Facebook

When you go live on Facebook, people get notified. This is a great opportunity to directly interact with viewers and jot down their opinions about your channel. You can share personal stories, host contests for people who tune in, giveaway prizes for those who stay until the end and encourage people to engage with your YouTube channel. Find a way to weave interesting story lines and link it back to some of the video you’ve previously created. When you keep mentioning your videos, it sparks curiosity and pushes people to go check out the video for themselves. For example, you could say ‘So, I was walking my dog home around the park the other day and this little kid popped out from nowhere and hugged my dog. My dog was so happy you should have seen his face, it was adorable! Luckily I caught it all on camera, you can check it out on my YouTube channel. I’ll leave a link to it in the description below.”

Facebook Q&A, Live from Dublin – Ask Me Anything! ????????????????????✨ NEW 'talk show' format with 2-person or 3-person!

Posted by Mari Smith on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

4. Repurpose your videos

Give your audience a preview of the first few seconds or one minute of your new video. Include a call to action with your video links on the post description so that people easily watch the whole video on YouTube. Convert your videos into memes, grab a few quotes off your content or post behind the scenes snippets to entice people to watch more. These previews should drive people back to your YouTube channel so that it adds to your viewership count and increases subscribers. 

5. Facebook chat

If you’re not comfortable going live on Facebook, consider using Facebook chat. Tell your audience that you’ll be available to chat on Facebook at a particular time. You can use Facebook messenger to have personal conversations with your viewers. Another way to chat with people on Facebook would be to post an update on your Facebook newsfeed saying that you’ll be replying back to people who comment on your post. When more people comment on your post, the Facebook algorithm pushes your post out to more people since it shows high engagement rates. Here’s an example:

‘Hey guys, I will be replying to all comments on this post from 8pm-9pm today. Make sure you tune in and ask me anything you want!’

6. Use Facebook poll

If you’re running out of ideas to create new content, just ask your audience for their thoughts and opinions. Create a Facebook poll and ask them what video they like best and what they want to see you do for your next video. For example, you can create a poll similar to this one:

“What would you like to see me do in my next video?”

A) Do the chubby bunny challenge

B) Floor is on lava challenge

7. Tag other accounts in your niche

Find brands that are in your niche and tag them in your post. If you think that your content is suitable to be sponsored or cross-promoted on another brand’s page, make sure you tag those brands in your post and mention them in your post caption. This will get your content noticed by brands and increase your chances to get sponsored. For example, if your post is about fashion, tag the brands where you bought the clothes you’re wearing in your video. Leave a caption that reads “Loving these clothes I bought from @forever21. Check out my YouTube video to see the whole look.”

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