What Type Of YouTubers You Should Collaborate With To Get More Subscribers

Collaborating with the right YouTubers can bring you new subscribers, views and a hell lot of visibility. However, you cannot collaborate with any YouTuber right off the bat. You’ll first need to dig up the research and find how a particular collaboration can add value to your channel. 

One of YouTube’s most loved collaborations The Sister Squad, consisting of YouTubers James Charles, The Dolan Twins, and Emma Chamberlain, came up with a brilliant collaboration strategy that boosted their viewership and reach like never before. The squad’s first video reached a whopping 19 million views! This collaboration was not just mere luck and chance, there was a carefully thought out plan behind the fireworks. 

We’ve broken down how you can form an amazing collaboration like the Sister Squad. Consider asking yourself these handy questions before you begin skimming through potential collaborations.

1. What special advantages can your collaboration bring?

Make a list of items that you want to improve on your channel but lack the adequate resources to achieve your goals. If you want to introduce an artsy series on your channel, you could partner with a DIY YouTuber; if you don’t have great production tools you could partner with a YouTuber who has access to high-quality cameras and locations you might not get access to otherwise.

2. Is your collaborator in the same niche?

The most invaluable strategy is to collaborate with YouTubers in the same niche so you can reach out to their subscribers too. Go through their content and analyse whether their videos, style and tone complement your channel. If you were to cross-promote each other’s videos, consider if their viewers would want to check out your videos immediately after watching their videos. 

3. Does your vision match?

Make sure the creator’s core ethics, values and morals align with you. What if you’re against animal cruelty but your collaborator endorses products that aren’t cruelty-free. You want to stay away from creators who share glaringly contradictory values from yours. This will save you from a lot of negative misconceptions

4. Do you share a similar audience?

Sometimes, even if your channel is completely unrelated to your collaborator’s channel, your audience demographics might be similar. Say you’re a comedian and your subscribers are primarily 13–18 year olds. You can totally partner with a beauty vlogger who also has 13–18 year old subscribers. 

5. How many subscribers does your collaborator have?

When you look for subscribers with the same number of subscribers as you, you are more likely to receive a positive response. However, don’t hold back from reaching out to creators with a larger subscriber base if you think you can add value to their content. Your channel could see ridiculous growth if you manage to bag one of the big players. At the same time, if you think a YouTuber with a small subscriber base can help you fill in the missing blanks, you might as well give them a try! 

Find out what type of collaborations drive the best results and stick to creators who are right for your channel. A great collaboration could be the key to your next big YouTube milestone and who knows, even open up a world of exciting new possibilities for your channel!

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