How The Sister Squad Broke The Internet In Just A Few Months

Meet one of the hottest trending groups on YouTube the infamous Sister Squad. This dynamic circle consisting of individual YouTubers James Charles The Dolan Twins, and Emma Chamberlain has won the hearts of teenagers and young adults across the world. 

The squad’s brilliant collaboration strategy has boosted their viewership and reach like never before. Their first video as the sister squad “Mukbang”, reached over 19 million views. And in just over a few months, their video “Best Friends Buy Each Other Outfits”, reached over 36 million views and became the squads most popular video. 

Here’s how they managed to shoot for the moon as a tight-knit circle. 

1) They leverage their versatility

Four heads sure are better than one. Each Sister Squad member brings diversity to the table. With Emma Chamberlain dominating vlog style videos, the Dolan Twins owning challenge videos and James Charles influencing beauty videos, you can imagine how versatile and unique the squad’s videos turned out. Their versatile styles made it super easy to come up with new and exciting content ideas.

2) They expose their videos to a highly targeted audience

The group leveraged the Sister Squad to transpose their distinct fanbase. As a result, each member expanded their subscriber count in no time. James brought in the makeup fanatics, the Dolan Twins hauled the comedy lovers and Emma reeled in the lifestyle aficionados. 

3) The Sister Squad never fails to entertain viewers with their wit and quirks

They max out on contrasting their full-blown personalities. James Charles’s flirty comments directed towards the funny Dolan Twins add a vibrant spark to their content. They even made a video where they impersonate each other to truly embrace their individuality. 

4) They built a lasting relationship with their fans

The squad members share a friendship that many people only dream of. The group’s similar values and strong bonds draw a familial touch to their videos. Much like classic chick flicks, the squad does everything together from shopping sprees to spilling the tea. 

5) They put their own spin to the holiday season

The squad members added their own flavour to “The Sister Squad Holiday Edition” videos. From building a giant gingerbread house for Christmas to visiting a haunted house for Halloween, they took the holiday theme to a whole new level.

The infamous Sister Squad have built a powerful connection with young adults in just a few months. It’s no surprise, fans just can’t seem to get enough of their favourite squad. Collaborating with the right YouTubers can give your channel the kick it needs to make it big!

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(Header image credit: James Charles via YouTube)

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