Starting a channel is the easy part. The difficult part is everything that follows. There comes a time in every channel’s lifetime when its growth may turn stagnant. That is when you have to come up with or utilise tried and tested promotion techniques to increase viewership, subscribers, interactions. 

Here are some ways through which you can promote your content on YouTube.


Utilise YouTube’s algorithms

Using the right keywords, tags and an SEO friendly title goes a long way in helping your video rank higher on search engines. The YouTube algorithm uses keywords to categorise videos on the basis of its genre. For instance, if you have a cooking channel, your basic keywords will be ‘homemade recipes’, ‘cooking’, ‘food’ and so on. So, if a viewer looks up ‘Easy homemade snacks’, your video will appear in the search result list.


Leverage your existing following

Redirect your existing followers to your other social media platforms so they don’t miss updates regarding your channel.


Interact with other content creators

Collaboration is a sure shot way of exponentially boosting your viewership. Find content creators that produce content that is similar to your niche as well and with whom you can smoothly collaborate and interact with. 

Learn how to collaborate with content creators on YouTube.


Optimise your thumbnails

Thumbnails are like the book covers of a video. They help viewers form a preliminary opinion of what the video may be about. The thumbnail should be eye catching and thought provoking.

Here’s how you can leverage colour psychology to make your thumbnails more attractive.


Create content that is trendy

Make sure you are always in touch with what’s most trending at the time but at the same time it’s important to stick to your niche and expertise. For instance, YouTube Shorts are on the rise. People prefer 15 to 60 seconds long videos over 20-30 minute videos. Come up with content ideas that can be delivered in a matter of 30 seconds.


Track your performance

It is essential to monitor your growth from time to time. This is to ensure that you are not wasting your time and efforts on methods that are not working for your channel. You must also keep track of what kind of content has proven to be most beneficial for your channel.

Here are the key metrics you should measure on your YouTube Channel Analytics.


Utilise marketing platforms like Flintzy

If you find yourself stuck in terms of content promotion, consider outsourcing this function instead. Flintzy has helped countless YouTubers reach their target audience and increase their channel’s reach organically.

Content promotion does not happen overnight. But putting consistent efforts towards it will surely help you reap the rewards sooner or later.

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