How To Use Colour Psychology In Your YouTube Branding To Attract Viewers

Your video’s colour theme can make or break the success of your YouTube channel. Colours can massively influence your brain. Different colours elicit different behavioural patterns in humans. Some colours make people click on your video whereas some can get people to hit the subscribe button. By using the right combination of colours in your YouTube’s channel branding, you can non-forcefully guide your viewers to take a specific action on your channel. Here’s how colours are used to nudge people into making a decision:

1. Blue

Use plenty of blue in your thumbnails if you want to get more clicks to your video. Blue makes viewers trust you and prompts viewers into making impulse decision in the spur of the moment. It’s no wonder that popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter binge out on blue colour schemes. Research indicates that if you’re looking to get more likes on Instagram, use photos that are predominantly blue. 

2. Yellow

Yellow has the power to grab the attention of window shoppers. It’s cheerful, fun and vibrant nature draws people to its positivity and lifts people’s spirits. This can also be a great colour for a channel producing content for children as children find yellow to be one of the more appealing colours.

3. Red

Red creates a sense of urgency and gets people to speed up their decision-making process. This vibrant colour induces energy and increases heart rate in viewers. This is the most used colour to highlight discounts, sales and offers that runs on a limited time period. However, red can also induce negative reactions based on its association with horror films and hazard warnings, so use it sparingly.

4. Orange

Orange creates a strong call to action that pushes people to take action. Use orange in your branding to push people to subscribe to your channel or buy your merchandise. This is a colour that people perceive as friendly and open. This makes orange a great colour to boost conversions. 

5. Green

If you’re making a video about the environment, money or finance, green is a great choice of colour. Green symbolises wealth and rejuvenation. It’s the easiest colour for the eyes to process. If you’re giving away free products, theme your video in green, as it sends out a “go-ahead” signal.

6. White

If you want a brand image that reeks peace and calmness, white is your go-to colour. It’s minimalistic and simple tones declutters your content and makes it easy on the eyes. White colours enable your viewers to navigate easily through your content. 

7. Black

Black oozes with luxury and high-quality. This dark hue is great to use if you’re reviewing high-tech products, luxury items or even if you’re looking to position yourself as a celebrity influencer. Black can make you look powerful and strong. High-end brands like Rolls Royce use a great deal of black in their content. 

It’s absolutely crucial for you to understand colour psychology and learn which colours you should use in your video to reach your end goals. Choose your branding wisely.

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  1. Dridan

    Bright backgrounds stand out against the white background of YouTube, and also stand out in relation to other thumbnails without a bright background. In addition, we’ve had a lot of success using the sunburst or pinwheel effect which dra 9 ws the viewers eyes back to the vanishing point, which we place directly behind the face. This in turn draws the viewers eye to the subject again, and makes the subject of the thumbnail pop out even more.

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