Top 4 Ways Your Content Can Help Viewers Adapt To Adversity

While the pandemic was definitely harsh on the world, it is no secret that each and every one of us face troubles and hardships. As a coping mechanism, people flock to the internet to find a distraction, a helping hand or even to gain back a sense of normalcy when things around them are going haywire.

In this blog post, we skim through the most impactful video formats that have helped viewers cope with past year’s struggles. With the pandemic still prevalent in most parts of the world, these video formats continue to remain a great way to grow your YouTube channel.

1) Coping through humour

Recent statistics show that 54 percent of viewers agree that humour has helped them cope a great deal with moments of difficulty. Content built on humour can be portrayed in numerous ways, ranging from stand-up comedy to funny clippings! What’s interesting is, even serious social issues can be discussed by sprinkling in a touch of humour, so as to educate but at the same time not burden viewers.

 2) School in the pandemic

Attending school was impossible during the pandemic, and this led to moving classes online. While it was a struggle in the beginning, this learning format has now become a way of life. In fact, video formats that are educating viewers on any topic under the sun are gaining enormous traction. News, laws of physics, geometry or even history, if you know a new method of learning or a way to understand a difficult topic, get online and share it.

 3) Protest songs

This summer, protest related songs saw a spike in viewership. The chaos in the world at the moment has left people feeling helpless and defeated. Protest related songs build a sense of unity, letting viewers know that they are in this fight together and creates camaraderie from people across the globe. At a time when travel is near impossible for people to physically show support for major world issues, you can display support through your videos to create awareness and get your voice heard. 


4) Beginner videos

In 2020, video titles displaying the word “beginner” collected over 9 billion views globally. This goes to show a generation that is eager to develop new skills when faced with adversity. A beginner video could encompass anything, right from “how to bake a cake” to “how to make a French braid” or “how to tie a shoelace”. Just keep in mind that these are videos for beginners, they are just starting out. So to gain popularity, go slowly and step by step, being very clear about your instructions.

The most amazing thing about these videos, is that viewers come to your channel to gain a sense of peace. You have the power to create a calm environment and safe space for people during these challenging times. 

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