How To Nail Podcast Ad Reads And Cross-Promote Your YouTube Channel

Podcasts are all the rage in today’s digital age. Many leading creators have podcasts on audio-only platforms and YouTube. Brands too are now recognising the growing potential of podcasts and have begun sponsoring podcasts. In exchange of the sponsorship, podcasters have to dedicate a portion of the podcast to reading out pre-written texts about the sponsors. These segments are called ‘ad reads’. Podcasts present an ocean of new revenue opportunities waiting to be explored. 

Nailing podcast ad reads

Ad breaks in the middle of a podcast may seem annoying, but not if you do it well. Many podcasters have nailed the art of ad reads by seamlessly transitioning to the ad read. To make the most of your podcast reads, here are some tips:

  1. Build a personal relationship with the brand: Create a personal story about the product, so you can come across as more authentic and reliable. It will also help if you actually try out the product or service that you’re endorsing.
  2. Keep your ad read script ready beforehand: Ad reads should be smooth and seamless to ensure you aren’t wasting the listener’s time. Gather all the brand details and keep your ad read script ready. If needed, you can even get brands to verify the script so you don’t miss out on any important information.
  3. Avoid abrupt breaks: Try to talk about related topics before and after the ad read to keep the flow going. You can also preface the ad break by announcing the ad break and segmenting your podcast accordingly.

Promoting your YouTube channel

Even though podcasts are mostly audio-only, you can still maximise the opportunity to reel your listeners towards your YouTube channel. While your podcast might be a casual conversation with your fellow podcaster, you can strategically talk about your YouTube channel to plug your content.

You could mention the behind-the-scenes action on your latest video, explain the process of content creation, or engage with your YouTube collaborators. You can also build anticipation for your upcoming videos and discuss exciting things that happened during your shoot.

Promoting your podcast

Just like you promote your YouTube channel on your podcast, you can also promote your podcast on your YouTube videos. You can show clips of the recording sessions, begin a story and tell people that the rest of the story is on the podcast, and so on.

If you already have a significant audience on podcasts, driving them to your YouTube channel can be the ideal way to get more views. You can also have a separate YouTube channel to promote a video version of the podcast or highlight clips from the podcast.

Starting a podcast needs a lot less preparation and ideation than creating videos. Yet, you can still reel in those sponsors and create a new revenue stream. So what’s stopping you? Start a podcast today and promote it through your YouTube channel.

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