Start Your Own Podcast To Cross-promote Your YouTube Channel

Podcasts are the latest form of content to take over the Internet. While there has been a rise in podcasts since 2019, the pandemic triggered a further growth in podcast consumption. People love to hear others speak, without having to watch a screen as they do so. If you’re a YouTuber who loves to talk, here’s why you should start a podcast.

Rise of YouTuber podcasts

Podcasts have been on the rise since 2019, but their popularity increased exponentially during the pandemic. With most of our beloved YouTubers staying at home, they saw the golden opportunity to create podcasts. As they already had audio equipment with them and a good following that would be interested in their podcasts, it was an easy jump to make.

Why should you start a podcast?

If you already have a significant social media presence, you probably know how engaged your audience is with your content. By starting a podcast, you have a new method for communicating with your audience. It takes a lot less effort than creating a YouTube video as podcasts require very little editing, and can be published immediately after recording. Podcasts also open up new revenue streams as a lot of companies are investing in podcast ad-reads.

Cross-promoting the YouTube channel

Your YouTube channel and podcast can function together to promote each other. For example, you can mention your podcast or play short audio clips in your YouTube videos. Conversely, you can talk about the behind-the-scenes and operations of your YouTube channel on your podcast. Either way, this works brilliantly in driving traffic to the podcast as well as YouTube.

Video podcast vs. audio podcast

Of course, the question arises, should you start an audio-only podcast or also record video? While most podcast consumers listen to audio-only podcasts, having a video podcast doesn’t hurt. You can upload the videos on a separate YouTube channel and be able to monetise them as well. While the videos might not be as engaging, because it’s just you and maybe a co-host simply chatting about things, your subscribers might like to watch them.

Creating a podcast can help your YouTube channel grow organically. With podcasts, you can have more revenue sources with very little effort.

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