This YouTube Talk Show Host Is A Beaming Beacon Of Hope For The Voiceless

Joshua Berglan aka The World’s Mayor is a talk show host with a deep-rooted aim to help people live their best lives. Joshua struggled to come of dark times when he went through drug addiction, jail time, homelessness, HIV, abuse and mental illness among other issues. After living in the shadows, Joshua found hope in Jesus Christ and now empowers others to overcome their struggles through the power of positivity. 

A little inspiration can go a long way

Joshua’s YouTube channel named Gratitude:UnFiltered, draws inspiration from his training with the Beautiful Restoration ministry. Joshua brings in guests to share powerful testimonies of how they battled through their most difficult times and came out with flying colours. We see people coming together and discussing impactful and heart-tugging stories. Gratitude:UnFiltered is proof that no matter what hardships you might have faced in the past, you can accomplish absolutely anything if you have a strong will. 

He has a big personality

Joshua’s personality brims with contagious energy, humour, love and unfiltered passion for life. His spontaneous flow and gift of the gab are a blessing. He engages his talk show guests with finesse and leads them into sharing intimate stories naturally.

Joshua brings extensive industry expertise to the table

Joshua is also a visionary brand designer who specialises in strategic partnerships. Joshua has spent the last five years working in the entertainment industry with celebrities, entertainers, producers and some of the world’s most successful business minds.

He goes all out on influencer marketing

Joshua has collaborated with global influencers across diverse industries like music, sports, politics, business, social work and more. He has interviewed a good cross-section of people ranging from women empowerment workshop facilitators and motivational fitness coaches to  child authors and TEDx speakers. Some of his guests are Mahogany Stylez, The Queen of Hip Hop; Melissa Hull, International Influencer; Avril Jones, President of ME & C Inc; among other celebrities. 

Joshua leverages integrated communication strategies to scale globally

Gratitude:UnFiltered is shot in front of a live audience that includes prisoners and people from the ministry. Gratitude:UnFiltered is on over an impressive 150 networks worldwide, covering television, podcast, online radio, social media and blog networks. Joshua’s in-depth experience gave him the knowledge to leverage an integrated combination of technology, media, film, community outreach and missions to help his ministry cross all borders.

Joshua isn’t afraid to voice out his opinions and we admire his strong will. Hats off to his great work and the countless lives he’s impacted. Gratitude:UnFiltered will undoubtedly inspire people to be the best version of themselves. 

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