A Story Of Intercultural Marriage: Shepherd’s Pie Rewrites Tradition

A beautiful story of two worlds entwining, we follow the journey of a couple from two diverse cultures, America and Ghana. Shepherd’s Pie is a YouTube channel that addresses everyday issues, fun family facts and exciting international missions in the duo’s life. 

Shepherd’s Pie celebrates inclusivity

They touch base on a very niche topic based on their international marriage. It’s not too often that we find two diverse cultures coming together. The Shepherd’s Pie couple talk about their cultural viewpoints, how they met, their challenges, highpoints and more. They aren’t afraid to tap into controversial cultural questions like “did we have sex before marriage?” which make their videos all the more intriguing and packed with surprises. 

Traditions are the foundation stones of their channel

Hailing from Ghana, Shepherd’s Pie leverages their country’s rich cultural heritage to create videos. Their videos cover topics like “Learning Ghana Language”, “Traditional Bongo Dance”, “What Goes Into A Traditional Ghana Marriage” and “Intercultural Thanksgiving Dinner” that are informative as well as super fun to watch.

The family captures interesting tidbits from their daily routines

They weave stories out of their everyday experience and craft them into engaging content. This video showcases the couple’s children talking to their father in baby language. We must say, few viewers can resist watching “aww” baby moments on repeat. Moreover, videos that have fathers interacting with their children have great appeal, like the viral babbling baby video. Shepherd’s Pie definitely has the right dose of adorable baby videos to go viral.  

They bring in experts to discuss critical personal issues 

One of the main roadblocks people encounter is not knowing when to seek help. Shepherd’s Pie brings in experts and guest speakers to address issues people face on a daily basis like “the importance of counselling” and “circumstances under which you need counselling”. Shepherd’s Pie aims to help people solve problems and people improve their lives for the better from a spiritual and practical sense. 


It’s wonderful to see people from all backgrounds, religions and ethnicities joining hands. Shepherd’s Pie is a beacon of hope for multiculturalism and engenders an acceptance mindset for future generations. 

Check out Sheperd Pie’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6kfycta-elOriNaURaZueQ/videos