5 Youtubers Who Are Leveraging Podcasts To Grow Their YouTube Channel

A podcast can be a wonderful way to increase engagement on your YouTube channel. Not only are they much easier to produce, but it also helps increase watch time, as most podcasts run for longer durations. Here are 5 YouTubers who have leveraged podcasts to grow their YouTube channel.

Joe Rogan

As a comedian and former actor, Joe Rogan had plenty of connections in the entertainment industry. He used these connections to bring in popular celebrities as guests, to draw an audience. The ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast was started in 2009 and began as an audio-only podcast. By 2013, the podcast already had a massive following, so the reception to the first YouTube video was tremendous. Since then, his podcast continues to be among the top podcasts in the world, and his YouTube channel has gained over 10 million subscribers.

Carly & Erin

Carly Incontro and Erin Gilfoy, the YouTube duo popularly known as Carly & Erin, launched their podcast in 2021. The ‘Only Friends’ podcast, a wordplay on ‘Only Fans’, is all about their friendship and personal lives. On their podcast, they give a deeper insight into their lives outside of their YouTube videos. They also address certain things that happen on their latest YouTube video, leading people to watch their videos.

Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer Allahbadia, the name behind ‘The Ranveer Show’, was among the first few podcasters in the Indian YouTuber space. What started as a fitness channel, Ranveer’s channel ‘BeerBiceps’ has leveraged the power of podcasts to build a YouTube presence. On ‘The Ranveer Show’, he has thoughtful conversations with celebrities and other YouTubers. By having names like Priyanka Chopra and Gary Vee among his guests on the podcast, he has grown his YouTube subscriber count significantly.

Graham Stephan

On Graham’s podcast, ‘The Iced Coffee Hour’, he hosts different YouTubers in each episode. The guests are from very diverse backgrounds, thus attracting a newer audience through every single video. He uses his podcast channel to not just talk to these YouTubers about their finances, but he also plugs in his other YouTube channels (and his coffee brand) ever so often. This helps drive new viewers to his other channels, and brings in more subs.

The Try Guys

The Try Guys started their podcast channel ‘The TryPod’ in 2019, which featured the four Try Guys talking about various topics in each video. Since mid- 2020, their podcast channel is now a podcast collective that has multiple podcasts and has been renamed as ‘TryPods’. The newer videos include their significant others, friends, and employees in podcasts like ‘You Can Sit With Us’ and ‘Guilty Pleasures’. Including a diverse set of hosts on each podcast has helped their subscriber count increase significantly.

Podcasts are not only easier to produce, but can also be clipped easily to create shorter content for YouTube Shorts or for other social media platforms. This can help increase your visibility on the platforms. So why wait? Start your podcast now!

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