YouTube subscriber -10 Tested Ways To Gain Your First 10,000 subscriber

Struggling to get your YouTube subscriber count past 10,000? Below is the recipe to get closer to this milestone. Go ahead and give each of them a try:

1. Ask your viewers to subscribe. Easy!

“Please subscribe to this channel for more updates and to follow more of my content! Click on that bell icon to get updates on my upcoming videos.’ – Every YouTuber either begins or ends their videos by asking this off their viewers.

If you haven’t added this little speech to your youtube content script, you may be losing many potential subscribers!

2. End your video by teasing what you’re working on next

The most organic way to encourage people to subscribe is to build excitement around your next video and explain why it shouldn’t be missed. Having a good grasp of your YouTube content schedule and knowing what’s next is essential!

3. Build a community to get the first YouTube subscribers

First YouTube subscribers

Building a community is the oldest trend to promote any content, and this has been practised from ancient ages when promoting propaganda was easier through communities. But in the colonial period, YouTubers could build their online community through social platforms.

Another added advantage is that one can take advantage of already built communities, where many YouTubers share their content. Another added advantage is that one can take advantage of built communities, where many YouTubers share their content: 7 Ways to Interact with Your Audience on YouTube Community.

4. Collaborate with other creators

Creator content is all about collaboration, and it can be between brands and other creators.

Your content reaches a broader audience when you make it available to a new audience. Additionally, it introduces a unique style to your content – which your followers will enjoy.

What’s the best way to work with other creators? Essentially, choose a creator who works in an area similar to or complementary to your own. For example – when all your content revolves around fitness, it makes no sense to collaborate with a tech creator.

5. Brand your videos

A video watermark that says “subscribe” can be added to YouTube Studio as a way to gain subscribers on every upload.  Also, you can use custom thumbnails to promote your channel’s branding. You can use them to introduce yourself as a content creator to new viewers. Brand all of your thumbnails consistently. You can make sure people know (at least subconsciously) that they are watching a video from your channel by using the same font, colour palette, or frame composition.

6. Showcase your content strategically on your channel page

Your channel homepage can have up to 12 sections using the ‘Layout’ tab in YouTube Studio. This method lets you feature your best content right upfront for potential subscribers viewing your videos.

It would be best if you highlighted your extensive value right away. This helps specifically target the viewer’s needs.

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7. Run a contest to get your first few YouTube subscribers

Giveaways are popular on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but there is another popular social media platform that is making the most out of it. Yes! That is YouTube. Many YouTubers have reached out to their subscribers with various contests to gain followers.

Prizes and contest mechanics can be creatively planned.

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8. Release videos on a consistent schedule

To keep your viewers highly engaged and connected to your channel, it is imperative that you regularly upload videos and keep them hooked on for the next release. Consistency is key – chalk out a particular day(s) of the week that your followers can look forward to new release(s).

9. Blend them with social media platforms

Cross-promote on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook-wherever you have an established fan base. Your Instagram or Twitter bio can encourage people to check out your YouTube channel.

Another great way to bring people to your YouTube channel is to post a teaser of your latest video on other social accounts.

10. Interact with your audience and make friends

You’re more likely to keep viewers interested in your work if you form relationships with them. Respond to their comments/retweet them. They’ll work wonders for your channel.

You’ll also find that your audience will give you plenty of free content ideas for your next video once you’re connected.

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