Cost-Effective Lighting Equipment For YouTube Videos

A camera’s response to light differs from that of the human eye, which is why lighting is crucial in video and film productions. The lighting greatly influences a video’s tone, atmosphere, and aesthetic; good Lighting Equipment is one of the most acceptable ways to keep viewers interested in your video. Lighting is an essential aspect of a video’s presentation. To put it simply, Cost-Effective Lighting Equipment will be your video’s best buddy if you’re aiming for a great YouTube video.

Which lighting should be your go-to?

No two YouTube content creators are alike, from casual vlogs to elaborate studio settings; no one-size-fits-all option exists. You can select from various options based on your area and needs. For example, if you film on the go, a tiny, packable, lightweight choice will suit you best. Small LED panels and ring lights perform exceptionally well; you’ll want a light that can be powered by a battery and possibly attach straight to your camera or phone.

Cost-Effective Lighting Equipment

1. Neewer LED panel:

This light is bright, colour accurate, has colour temperature control and comes with a diffusion screen for more appealing effects over the face. The light comes with a UK mains adapter, but it’s also compatible with NP-F550/F970 batteries, allowing you to set it up remotely or eliminate cluttered cabling. While cheaper LED panels are securely attached to a light stand, Neewer’s board has a metal u-bracket that allows you to angle the light, quickly making it more user-friendly. The panel is compatible with all conventional floor stands and table mounts, allowing you to customise it to your needs. 

Overall, Neewer’s LED panel is a low-cost, simple-to-use lighting solution that will suit YouTube video creators of all skill levels.


2. Godox ML-60:

The ML-60 is a studio-style light that may be used with various lighting modifiers. The ML-60 light from Godox is a lightweight, adaptable studio light that is excellent for home studios and remote work. The ML-60 is a bright, colour-accurate, and easy-to-use key light that can be utilised as a fill or background light when your productions get larger. 

This light will be great when filming outside, in an ample space with lots of windows, or blending in with other daylight-balanced equipment. The Godox ML60 LED Light boasts a slew of innovative technologies. The colour temperature of the light is 5600K. The ML-60, unlike standard studio lights, is small and portable, fitting neatly into the provided carry case.

3. Elgato Ring Light  

This ring light will be a game-changer for your close-ups. Elgato ring light is made with premium OSRAM LEDs, which provide a pleasant and steady illumination, are flicker-free, colour tunable, and come with an app and onboard controls. It adds a unique sparkle to your eyes without causing glare.

It has a maximum brightness of 2500 Lumens, which means it may be ultra-bright or dimmable and can adapt to any setting. The colour temperature spans 2900 to 7000K, producing hues ranging from sunset amber to arctic blue.

The Elgato Ring Light is an excellent single-light option for YouTube video creators and streamers.

4. Godox UL60:

This light is perfect for filmmakers, cinematographers, and still photography, such as portraits and product shots.

The UL60 produces up to 60 watts of daylight balanced light, allowing it to be used as the leading light on smaller sets and as a fill or background light on bigger productions. The light can be controlled via your phone via the in-line controller or Bluetooth. The Godox Light app allows you to control the UL60 and other compatible Godox lights directly from your smartphone, which is helpful if you want to change your settings without leaving the camera.


The light is distinguished from others by its absence of a fan. It is the market’s best silent studio light for your YouTube videos.

The above are some of the best lights you can use for your YouTube videos that will enable you to film without relying on natural light. Investing in dedicated video lighting is an excellent decision because a dedicated lighting set-up can help all types of YouTube videos, from vlogs to major studio productions.


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