15 Trending Content Ideas During The Coronavirus Quarantine For Every YouTuber

The coronavirus quarantine is changing lifestyles and shaping new trends. People are finding creative ways to adapt to this transitional shift and creators have the power to facilitate positive thinking during these critical times. Here are 15 trending content ideas to get you going during the coronavirus quarantine period. 

1. Coronavirus mythbusters

There are many misconceptions around the pandemic that are not back with scientific proof, like “cold snow can kill coronavirus”, “coronavirus is spread through mosquito bites” and more. Creators are researching these misconceptions and creating awareness videos to break myths. 

2. Simple meals to cook

Many people are struggling to find adequate food in grocery stores and need to make do with existing supplies. Creators are sharing simple 5-minute recipes using basic ingredients to help people sustain themselves. 

3. Haircutting and dyeing 

With salons closed, people are looking for ways to cut and dye their own hair and beard. Creators are making tutorial videos to help people master their crafts. 

4. Coronavirus conspiracy theories

A great way to spark controversy and get the conversation going is to touch base on the mysterious origin of coronavirus. Creators are digging deep into theories like “coronavirus was made as a bioweapon” and “coronavirus spread through eating bats” and other interesting topics. 

5. Game night

People are going digital to stay connected with friends. Creators are sharing how they play games online to beat the quarantine blues. 

6. Coronavirus memes

YouTubers are trying to spread positivity during these critical times by creating light-hearted coronavirus memes. However, this is a sensitive topic and one must be careful not to tug the wrong strings. 

7. Safety precautions

Creators are spreading awareness about how to stay safe and clean, from washing hands to tidying and disinfecting your home the right way.

8. Life during pandemic

People’s lifestyles have drastically changed after the coronavirus outbreak. People are sharing their morning and daily routines and snippets of how their life has been affected during quarantine.  

9. Clothes DIY

Many regions are running out of face masks, gloves and other safety wear. Creators are showing people how to reuse existing spare clothes in their wardrobes to make safety gear. 

10. Home workouts

It’s more important now than ever now to stay fit and build immunity to fight the pandemic. Creators are conducting live daily workout sessions where viewers can work out in real-time with creators from home. 

11. Self-care

It can be hard to stay positive in isolation with social distancing in place. Creators are sharing tips on how to stay mentally and physically positive during these times. 

12. Stylist tips

It can be a long time until professionals are open to taking on consultations. Stylists and experts are going digital and teaching people how to take care of lashes, extensions, nails and other basic grooming tips. 

13. Nutrition and healthy grocery shopping

People are stocking up food for the long-run and many are unaware of what kind of food will provide nutritional benefits during the quarantine. Creators are consulting with nutritionists and advising people on the right foods to stock up on. 

14. Introvert memes

Introverts are usually indoors and social distancing doesn’t seem to be a problem for many. Creators are creating fun videos that outline the differences between extroverts and introverts during the quarantine. 

15 Movies and Netflix show suggestions

People are binge-watching shows during this stay-home phase. Creators are recommending top 10 movie suggestions, must-watch Netflix shows and more. This is also a great way to promote shows and get noticed by brands. 

You’ll be surprised at how productive you can get working from home! Use this much-needed time to churn out some great content and spread cheer during the quarantine period.

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