Holiday Season YouTube Video Ideas

The Holiday Season is on the way! And along with it the gifts and lights are on display. This is a wonderful time to share joy with your real as well as your YouTube family. Whether it’s Vlogmas or 12 Days of Christmas, here are 16 Holiday Season YouTube Video Ideas that you can use to spread the Christmas mood:

  • Winter Outfits

Bring out the cosy Christmas sweaters and the fashionable winter coats! Everyone loves dressing up for the winter. So showcase your wardrobe for the season! You can also create content for those who want to stay warm but dislike dressing up. 

  • Visiting Vlogs

The Holiday season is a fun time to explore new places, especially those that are Christmas-themed. So take out your boots and go on the hunt for places to visit during the Christmas season. This could include places accessible to you or even attractive holiday destinations!

  • Christmas Kitchen Challenges

Turn on the oven and bake some cookies with your friends! You can also have a fun gingerbread house challenge or Christmas-themed food-making competition where you turn any food item into anything Christmas-themed!

  • Gift Ideas for Everyone on the list

Gifting during this season is a tradition. However, everyone struggles with coming up with gift ideas for loved ones. So, help viewers with creative gift ideas for different age groups, interests, and types of people. You could also dedicate a video for all the talented crafters, making DIY gifts or creative ways of wrapping Christmas presents!

Holiday Season YouTube Video Ideas

  • Christmas Costume Party

Mix in some Halloween traditions! Have a fun Christmas Costume Party with friends or family where you can dress up as any Christmas-related Characters or Objects! You can also involve your viewers by turning into a virtual competition!

  • Christmas Charades

Play Christmas-themed games like Christmas Charades where you will have to guess Christmas movie or song titles!

  • Holiday Movie Characters in the Real World

Blend beloved holiday movie characters like Buddy the Elf, the Grinch, and Kevin McCallister with the world today! Make them playfully participate in today’s trends and events. 

For example, Buddy the Elf attempting dance routines, the Grinch reacting to internet memes, and the classic favourite Home Alone’s Kevin creating DIY pranks!

Alternatively, you can also showcase popular shows or fan-favourite characters during Christmas. Here’s an example:

  • Design a Christmas Tree for your Loyal Subscribers

Get into the festive spirit and deck the halls along with the Christmas tree! Walk your viewers through the process of decorating the Christmas tree, sharing tips and creative ideas for ornaments and themes!

You can make it more fun by involving your subscribers. Design a tree where you can write the names of subscribers you’re thankful for on ornaments and announce a new winner in every video!

  • Make your own Holiday Movie

Take out your camera and record your very own Holiday movie. You could create a mini-movie all on your own or even an engaging parody of classic Christmas movies!

  • 2024 Vision Board

Share tips on how to make a Vision Board for 2024! You can also create your very own Vision Board for the new year, sharing your dreams with your viewers! Engage with them by asking them to share theirs in the comment section, or use Shorts and let them remix your video, starting a trend!

  • Seasons Greetings with DIY ASMR!

DIY and ASMR are among the leading genres on YouTube. So why not mix them both and come up with some soothing, creative content? Make personalized Christmas cards, ornaments, wreaths, and more with your viewers to spread the Holiday cheer!

  • Share a Christmas Storytime with Viewers

Christmas is associated with sharing. So share a wonderful story exchange with viewers! Get them to share their Christmas traditions, and joyful greetings, or mention stories and people they are most thankful for!

Read Sesame Street GIF by PBS KIDS

  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Invite your audience to share pictures of themselves wearing their ugliest or most creative Christmas sweaters. You can feature the best ones in your next video or livestream!

  • Holiday Movie Marathon with Commentary

Host a movie marathon featuring classic holiday films or your favourite seasonal movies. Provide commentary, share fun facts, or do a live watch party with your audience.

  • Christmas Trends

Hop on Christmas trends with carols and cheer! Several Christmas trends go viral during this season, so try to hop on or even start a trend yourself! This could include songs or relatable bite-sized clips!

Watch how clips of Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You go viral:

  • Charity Fundraising Livestream

Host a live fundraising event for a charitable cause. The donation could be made with money, DIY objects or even through storytelling. Engage with your audience, encourage donations, and spread awareness about the cause you’re supporting.

These are just a few to mention. Here are more Holiday Season YouTube Video Ideas you can use to spread the Holiday Spirit!

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