Popular Niches on YouTube Shorts 

The buzz around YouTube Shorts is undeniable. These snappy, addictive videos gain an astounding 50 Billion Daily Views. Shorts are exploding as they’re quick and easy to consume for viewers at the same time they’re easy to create, meaning more money, reach and exposure for creators! So, here are the Most Popular Niches on YouTube Shorts:

  • Fun & Entertainment 

Entertainment is at the heart of YouTube and one of the leading niches on Shorts. These videos include challenges that keep viewers on the edge of their seats and pranks that make you laugh.

This niche also includes creative comedy skits or sketches like POV videos. These are creative stories that are usually based on classic, popular or controversial sitcoms and movies. Most of these are Parodies which mock these fan favourites, entertaining viewers by showing them in a new light. 

  • ASMR

ASMR isn’t exactly a standalone niche on Shorts, but you’ll find it popping up in various other content categories. These are strangely satisfying snippets that are addictive stress-busters.

From calming crunching noises and fun balloon-popping sounds to visually appealing slime shows, soap cutting, cake decorating, paint mixing, and more–these videos tingle the senses and have an addictive quality that keeps viewers coming back for more.

  • Family and Relationships

Family and Relationships are huge on YouTube Shorts. These include heartwarming snippets of sweet couples, cute clips of adorable babies, or even snarky sibling antics. Sharing fun family traditions or relatable everyday scenarios, these videos win the hearts of viewers across the globe.

  • Current Events 

Current events on YouTube Shorts have it all.  Whether it’s global news, spilling the tea on celebs, TV show breakdowns, or movie theories. They uncover new brands and even dive into viral challenges from TikTok, Reels, and other apps. They’re everyone’s go-to for staying in the loop on what’s hot and happening!

  • Animal & Pet

Animal and pet content thrives on YouTube Shorts, featuring adorable moments starring your furry little friends. These include videos like Commentaries from their POVs, Dog/ Cat math, or just showing nature’s wonder.

Why are they so popular? These clips trigger feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin. Thus they’re a natural mood booster and a heartwarming way to lift our spirits after a long day!

  • DIY and Home Improvement 

DIY and Home Improvement thrive on YouTube Shorts.  DIY Shorts spark creativity, sharing budget-friendly and practical tips through arts and crafts. Home Improvement Shorts provide quick fixes and creative solutions to transform everyday home spaces into something extraordinary, giving viewers a luxury feel. These clips mix education along with the entertainment factor, providing viewers with the best of both worlds in a short span!

  • Fashion, Makeup and Beauty

Beauty and Fashion shares the spotlight on YouTube Shorts, offering style guides, makeup tutorials, and beauty hacks. These shorts are glam-packed with the latest trends, encouraging viewers with makeup tips and fashion inspiration.

  • Gaming

YouTube is where gamers come together to discuss the hottest games and exciting gameplays. It is also among the leading genres on YouTube Shorts, with creators gaining up to a million subscribers in a short span of time. Games like Roblox, Minecraft, GTA, and Fortnite are stealing the show. These creators dive deep into game reviews and thrilling highlights that gamers can’t get enough of. 

  • Food & Cooking

Shorts has carved a special hub for all the foodies out there! The Food and Cooking genre shares delicious recipes and clever kitchen hacks. From mouthwatering dishes to culinary adventures, these shorts are a treat for anyone with an appetite for tasty content!

  • Technology and Gadgets

Tech and gadget videos are a hit on YouTube Shorts, with unboxings, product and gadget reviews, recommendations, and tech news. These are especially popular because of all the detailed recommendations in quick bites that satisfy viewer curiosity. And today, with AI blowing up, this genre is thriving with tips, tricks and updates, giving viewers all the know-how on the latest AI trends. 

  • Travel

Travel videos on YouTube Shorts expose viewers to new cultures, inspiring them to expand their vision boards and bucket lists. These Shorts offer authentic insights from both tourists and residents, debunking myths and painting a more realistic picture. They also offer insider tips to find new affordable places, helping viewers plan hassle-free, budget-friendly trips!

Creating Shorts with skyrocketing views isn’t all luck, there’s also strategy involved. First, you need to understand what’s already trending and out there. You can do this by checking out the Trending Feature on YouTube.

Secondly, different countries have their own unique trends. What’s a hit in one place might not be the talk of the town elsewhere. So, exploring these country-specific trends is also important.

And thirdly, consider what’s trending in the country your audience is from since they’re the ones you’re creating for! You can do this by going to Explore, Trending, and then adjusting your Settings to the Location of the country you want. 

With this combo of trending topics and catering to your audience, you’re all set to craft Shorts that truly hit home and grab those views!

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